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In Some Countries Fast Food Restaurants and Supermarkets Give Money

In Some Countries Fast Food Restaurants and Supermarkets Give Money

In some countries fast food restaurants and supermarkets give money to schools to promote their products . Do you think this negative or positive development?

It is well known fact that, wealthy inequality is a problem faced by many countries across the world. This is now where more evident than, in mere nations junk cuisine cafes and supermarkets give penny to educational institutes to promote their things. The following paragraphs will elaborate the positive coupled with negative aspects in different fields and how the nation is being affected by cutthroat.

There are many factors which I would consider to substantiate my view. The primary is that it is a competitive era due to the every person wants to get success in their life and personage need competitiveness in their careers. Mere nations fast cuisine restaurants and main markets give money to educational institutes to promote their products due to the schools give products to children for advertisement. A child who take different types of fast food in daily like burger, pizza, snacks and other things due to the they face many obstacles in their life like obesity and other disease.

In other words Iike, they provide free cuisine to children due to the kids want to buy this products again. As a result of, this act sometime effects the children in wrong way by which they indulge into bad habits of eating and many more.
Moreover, many positive effects of promote products by schools. Firstly, a company who provide a free products to kids due to the they will make interest of children in that type of things. In addition, if schools ban advertise of products then intrusions play a role to sell things among children. As a result of, educational institute funds increase as well as they use money for welfare activities.

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When all is said and done, many disadvantages of promote products by schools but its merits cannot be underestimated. “Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people “.

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