In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work

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In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work. Why Does This Happen? Is It a Positive or Negative Development

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For the betterment of life, individuals like to do miscellaneous types of works. In this day and age, it is irrefutable that an increasing number of people are devoting more time at work than ever before. It has both merits and demerits but this essay will highlight that latter of this approach surpass the former one.


At the outset, for earning greener and pasture plebeians like to do long hours of work. Because in this competitive world it is mandatory for everyone to do a lot of hard work. To substantiate it, due to inflation folk like to spend long hours at their work to attaining a lavish lifestyle. Moving further, sometimes people want to acquire heaps of knowledge. Therefore, to broaden the horizon as well as paves the way for a dazzling future they have to do long-time work. Without diligence and determination, they cannot achieve anything in their life.

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On the flip side, if homo-sapiens spend long hours at the workplace then the repercussions of this are worse. First and foremost, they cannot spend their quality time with their near and dear ones. Consequently, it reduces their relationship bond between them. Apart from it, a long time period at work put a devastating

.3g effect on their health. Owing to this they face several ailments, depression, anxiety, Insomnia, to name but a few. A survey was *0conducted that in China, the majority of people died in road accidents because they spend
long hours at their workplace and do not get proper sleep.


To recapitulate briefly, working overtime is primarily attributed to the demand for higher work efficiency and promotional aspirations. On the other hand, taking too much time to work and definitely has a negative impact on people’s health as well as their products.

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