Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Best Way to Solve the Growing Traffic: Writing Task 2

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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve the growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? What other measures do you think might be effective?

Sample 1:-Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Best Way to Solve the Growing Traffic

hpwever, increase in prices of fuels for reductio0n of traffic as well as to reduce the level of pollution done by automobiles. Fuel also very important key factor to achieve that result   . In the following passages, I will argue on various methods adopted by some nations which have immensely changed the traffic issues and reduced pollution than merely increasing fuel prices which I strongly disagree can bring any favorable outcomes.

To initiate, let us consider two developing Asian nations facing similar traffic issues and pollution. The two countries, namely India and Japan, have vibrant industries and major technology giants.

Indian roads are densely populated with numerous vehicles, from personal to commercial, despite the increased fuel price. Although the cost of fuel is skyrocketing, that does not deter society from owning cars, which, in turn, loads the environment with harmful carbon gas increasing pollution to an all-time high. Lately, the renovation of roads and control of respiration-related illness has cost the national budget to soar, and the primary reason is believed to be the increase in traffic.

Considering Japan, a tiny nation, has fewer vehicles on the road due to its focus on public transport and supporting infrastructure. There are many routes which an individual can choose to commute from Buses, Trains, and even bicycles. Carpooling is encouraged, which deters the individual from owning a personal car. There are designated bicycle tracks to facilitate the flow. The metro trains are world-renowned for their timekeeping and cleanliness.

To conclude, to minimize traffic and pollution, increasing fuel prices is not only the solution, but improving public transport and infrastructure can bring the desired results.

Sample 2:-Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Best Way to Solve the Growing Traffic

In this competitive world, every family has its own vehicle because private vehicles provide comfort and personal space that are not provided by public transportation, which leads to environmental pollution and traffic congestion. To control this situation, we raise gasoline and diesel prices; however, I completely disagree with this opinion. Instead, we can try some more efficient ways. In this essay’s next paragraphs, I will give my argument and suggest more effective ideas.

To begin with, many individuals prefer cars, even if there are many modes of public transportation available. This is because private cars are more efficient for people who travel long distances and provide comfort and private space. And this leads to increasing pollution and traffic. If we try to increase the prices of natural resources, it will directly affect many industries. And this will affect the nation’s economy because, in this present era, many countries are dependent on their industrial areas. For instance, in India, their authorities invest more in the construction areas, so if they increase the price of petrol and diesel, it will surely damage their economy because, in construction, many heavy vehicles operate on natural resources. In addition, it affects not only the country’s economy but also middle-class families who use private small bikes.

To prevent this, we can do much better, like start a campaign to use public transportation whenever possible. Moreover, we can, for example, ride a bicycle when we go out for work, which is a very short distance. For example, authorities need to provide a service so that everyone can rent a bicycle for a short time like Japan.

In conclusion, just increasing the price of natural gas does not solve the problems of traffic congestion and pollution . Instead, it will increase the problems of middle-class families. Start a campaign that encourages individuals to use public transportation and non-polluting vehicles like bicycles.

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