Increasing the Price of Petrol Is the Only Way to Solve Environmental Problems

Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Answer of Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems

These days we are facing a lot of pollution problems everywhere due to the number of vehicles are increased in road traffic. These vehicles emit polluted air and dangerous gases which adversely affecting the earth’s environment. To reduce the usage of vehicles in transport, Some Say, the government has to come up with plan hiking the petrol prices, which directly affects the usage of vehicles and which solve the problems of environmental damaging .in this essay we will discuss the agreements and disagreements.

Increasing the petrol rates will definitely help the environment as it thwarts the usage of personal vehicles and people will use public transports to travel. This helps in reducing traffic on roads. Fewer vehicles, less traffic So, Pollution can be controlled. Decrease in petrol consumption, Petrol Companies will reduce production which helps the saving petrol reserves which is costly and rarely available material.

Hiking the petrol price badly affects the common people as their pocket has to bear more money for filling the gas. Reducing personal vehicles directly Impacts the automobile industry, as sales will drop down automobile industry will face losses. In places, where there are no public transport available people, will use personal vehicles for them hiking rates of petrol will impact their monthly budgets. This empties their pockets.


As per my opinion, I could see increasing the petrol rates has its highs and lows, Government has to regulate the usage of petrol and has to encourage providing transport with all areas. Government has to do awareness campaigns to minimal usage of petrol and encourage planting the trees by doing Green campaigns. This is how we can save the deceasing environment.

Sample 2  Answer of Increasing the price of petrol

In this contemporary era, the crux is that natural resources without limitation use by the human race such as fossil fuels, aquifers. Some people believe that only one way to alleviate environmental adversity is that increase fuels rates or price. I partially disagree with the given notion, my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are a host of other solutions that illustrates jump up petrol rates is not the only option. Firstly, nowadays layman has busy vocational life, for manage time, the majority of them use the personal vehicle over public transportation thus fuel consumption is high, if we increase petrol price then it will chance that mankind does not restrict to use it furthermore, encourage community is another better way. Secondly, in this industrial time, fossil fuels are basic requirements for abundant machinery, increasing rates also drawbacks for us because if production charge is high then product price is also high.

On the other hand, increasing the petrol price is also beneficial but for short periods of time, it restricts people to use fuels without any purpose like for a short distance they will choose to walk over the vehicle. In addition, human shift to eco-friendly way that is also beneficial for the environment or nature, for instance, solar system, electric equipment (car, bike etc) additionally, preferring public transportation also reduces traffic congestion and accidents rates, especially in urban areas.

To sum up, to overcome environmental tribulation, some people claimed that increase fuels charge is the only option. I partially disagree with the given notion because consumption of petrol is self depending, many machines run by fuels. Moreover, it is effective for short times as well as people shift to another eco-friendly way.

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