Interesting job you would like to do.

Interesting job you would like to do.

what is the job?

how much training would be necessary?

what is so special about this job?

there are three basic necessities of every person in life-food, shelter, and fulfill these three needs one must need a good kind of job because one has rightly said that money makes the mare money is necessary for everyone to lead a luxurious today I would like to talk about an interesting job which I would like to do in future. I want to do the job in civil services of my state Punjab.the job is of SDM(senior divisional magistrate) in the is the seniormost post in the PCS exam of every state.

PCS exam is the toughest exam in a is conducted by the PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION.there are three steps in this kind of exam to become successful.first of all preliminary exam take by the this exam there are two is of general knowledge and the other is of optional subject.after passing the prelim exam the candidates is to be eligible to sit in the main exam of PCS.after passing the main exam the candidates have to pass through an interview by the persons appointed on higher hard work, consistency, dedication, and determination is very necessary to pass this kind of exam.

I like this job because this comes in the category of VIP’S.a person appointed to this kind of job has immense power in his hands to take big decisions for the welfare of the state.VIP facilities are given to a person.the person administrate the division under his supervision.he informed about the problems of common people to higher authorities and take appropriate decisions to implement the policies made by the government.he is also responsible to maintain the law and order in the state.


Q-1 is job necessary for everyone in life?

Ans: yes, of course, the job is very necessary for everyone in life because by doing the job one could earn has been rightly said that money is just to make both ends meet.


Q-2 are all persons interested in doing the job?

Ans: no, it depends upon the choice of a person.some persons feel secure by doing a job but others prefer to establish their own business because they do not want to stick to one place and they work hard to earn an exorbitant amount of money.

Q-3 is it easy to get a job in your country?

Ans: no it is not easy to get a job in my country.because of increasing population unemployment the number of unemployed persons is increasing day by day.moreover, the governments make it hard for a person to get a job because he has to pass through a number of tests to qualify for the job.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon


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Interesting job you would like to do.

Interesting job you would like to do. Interesting job you would like to do. Interesting job you would like to do. Interesting job you would like to do. Interesting job you would like to do.

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