2 thoughts on “International Travel Makes People Prejudiced Rather than Broad-Minded”

  1. International travel makes people prejudiced rather than broad-minded. What are its causes and what measures can be taken to solve this problem?
    It is undeniable that international tourism has taken enormous dimensions. This essay will first state that sometimes, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures by disrespecting the local norms and the government should step in and issue strict guidelines for tourist companies to guide travelers.
    The most important reason why some are opposed to international tourism is that tourists may unknowingly show disrespect for local culture. In some nations, people generally cover their heads in a religious place. A tourist may not do so or take his shoes inside a temple. This may offend the local people. For example, The Times of India reported that many people participated in a protest that proposed banning the entry of foreign nationals to the Golden Temple if they failed to adhere the ancient customs.
    We cannot discourage tourism. It is the backbone of many economies of the world. Through stringent guidelines instructed by the government, the tour operators should take the onus of guiding the holidaymakers about the main rituals of local culture, consequently, tourists will observe the local rules during their visit to local amenities and there will be no stress among local residents. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, visitors are well informed about their limitations by the tour guides before they roam around. It has witnessed that this country has set an example of accepting more tourists every year without creating any imbalance between locals and foreigners.
    In conclusion, the inadequate behavior of foreigners while visiting local places may cause tension, but this can be avoided if the authorities put in place proper rules for local guides to instruct the foreign travelers to lessen the negative effects of overseas travel.

  2. Mohammad Rafi Amin

    Nowadays, as international travel is very common among the public, even it has become a passion for them. In the meanwhile, a number of tourists claim prejudiced rather than broad-minded. This essay will examine some reasons behind this and suggest several solutions for tourists to have better trips around the world.

    To begin with, one of the reasons why tourists feel racism during their journey could be not knowing better about the destination country. as tourism has become a very important concern in mankind’s life and everyone want to travel, so to don’t encounter any problems during the trip, It would be reasonable to read about the destination country before going there because it is a different country, and there will be some cultural changes, and also governmental rules changes than the source country, for example, in eastern countries public generally cover their heads in a religious place. A tourist may not do so or take his shoes inside a temple. This may offend the locals.

    The second reason could be travelers might be judged on their skin color or from the country they have come from in some countries, For instance, many South Africans are criticized on the basis of their color when they travel to European Countries. Also, there are crimes recorded against the locals attacking travelers coming from a distant country as they want a selective group of people to visit their nation. it belongs to the country’s government that through advertising, let the people know that the tourism industry is a very important source of income for the country so that people treat tourists well for the growth of this industry and avoid racism.

    To conclude, racism is the biggest issue against international travelers, even sometimes tourists are attacked by locals and they grave in danger, to be safe due to our journey we have to respect others culture, believes, it is possible when we know about them, and also there is the government responsibility to provide a safe place for tourists by advertising and establish security.

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