It Is Better for Children to Grow up In the Countryside than In a Metro City

It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a Metro city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

Sample 1 It Is Better for Children to Grow up In the Countryside than In a Metro City

Nowadays, there are widespread arguments about the benefits of youngsters growing up in a rural area. A school of thought suggest that it is more essential for a child to develop in the countryside than in a city, while others think otherwise. I disagree that a child should live in an undeveloped area. This essay will discuss the reasons why it is beneficial to grow up in a big city.

To start with, perhaps the foremost reason a child should develop in a city is that most cities are often crowded with top-flight schools, which is essential for any growing child to develop foundational knowledge and give them a well-rounded education. For example, there was a report that the most well-organised and equipped institutions are usually cited in big cities. Another reason to consider is that it could help to meet and create a connection with affluent people. For instance, most celebrities stay in urban areas. This opportunity could be life-changing if a good rapport can be established. Hence it seems clear that living in a developed city has significant importance to a child’s life.

Furthermore, a child’s development in urban areas could create a chance of having better job prospects later in life. This implies that due to the considerable construction of various companies and organisations in cities, upon graduation, there is a higher chance of securing a good job, which will create a comfortable lifestyle. This is illustrated by a report of an increase in the employment rate in developed areas of California.

However, opponents of this view claim that it is more advantageous for a child to grow up in a less-developed area of a country. Nevertheless, research has proven that a significant number of children that are from cities are usually successful.

In conclusion, this essay discussed an opportunity to have good educational training, chances of meeting with important people and the possibility of a good job opportunity as the reasons why children developing in a big city is more essential. It seems logical to allude that for any child that wants a prosperous developmental stage, living in a city is paramount.

Sample 2 It Is Better for Children to Grow up In the Countryside than In a Metro City

In present times, education is one of the crucial needs of individuals to survive in the competitive market. While some people believe that children should grow up in rural areas instead of growing up in megacities, here I completely disagree with this given logic and will discuss it further in this monogram.

The first and foremost reason is that children should live and develop in the city area, as many activities are available in the city centre to build mental and physical health for children. For instance, a child living in a city has many options for development like high-tech education schools, easy availability of resources like books and other materials that can make them more engaged and they can be more updated with the current times. Moreover, students can easily coordinate with a mentor who helps them improve their skills, and on the contrary, such facilities are not easily available in villages.

Another reason to live in a big city is that the child can compete with others, and it will help them learn new skills like time management, communication, and others; While in rural areas, the lives of individuals are not much upgraded as compared to megacities. Also, individuals do not find more opportunities to develop in rural areas. For example, in recent times, numerous students have been going abroad to study and develop their careers.

To recapitulate, as far as my point of view is concerned, I believe that children should stay in the city to develop and lead a good life compared to the lives of individuals in rural areas.

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