It Is Impossible to Help All People Around the World

It is impossible to help all people around the world in need, so governments should focus on people from their own country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that supporting masses all over the world, who really need help, is not possible for governments, so the regime should focus on indigenous people of their own native land. I agree with this statement, aa it is the prime responsibility of any government to assist it’s a citizen first then others.

First and foremost, native people pay a tax to the government of their country, and they help in generating income. Thus their contribution to the development of a country is immense. Moreover, it is a moral obligation for the rulers who rule the country to provide a healthy living standard to its countrymen. So, the upliftment of a nation’s people is an indispensable task for the government. For instance, if developing countries support their people to raise their living conditions like creating employment, free education, reservation for downtrodden in various sectors, then people will flourish, and they can give an utmost contribution in making their country stand on foot and also in the line of developed nations. Afterward, that country can assist a lot of other nations in many ways.

In addition, it is impossible for a single nation to assist people all over the world due to the scarcity of funds. It is a shared responsibility. So, every government is liable to their masses in order to create harmony in the country and for shaping their country in a new world. Besides, there is no use in helping other people by depriving one’s people and making them handicapped to lead a life full of miseries. Thus people will experience trial and tribulations. So, people must be assisted by their own government.

In conclusion, serving people worldwide in supporting them in times of difficulties is impossible. It is because every government has its own responsibilities for its citizens. If any government fails to do so, then there will be anarchy in a nation, and a feeling of hatred will develop in the minds of people.

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