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Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to CEOs

Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to CEOs

Large companies should pay higher salaries to CEOs and executives compared to other workers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that multinational companies should give higher wages to prominent workers such as CEOs and executives than other personnel. I completely agree with the statement because they have more responsibilities and are highly committed to investing more hours in addition to their remuneration for making a profit for their organizations.

At the outset, the employees having occupying top positions in the company have more burden, and the success or failure of a company is based on them. So, they are highly paid. They are the pillars for a firm without which the company cannot stand, so in order to run a company on the path of progress, they are being paid enormously. For instance, they are visionary and assign the work by seeing the capability and aptitude of the other employees. Making them satisfied with their work and getting the work done from them is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, having been loaded with plenty of responsibilities, they are paid much. They have earned their position by getting good grades in their education. Their credential in the field of education is exceptional.

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Besides, other skills, namely communication, socializing with others, are unparalleled. Due to these above-mentioned reasons, they are rendered a lot of financial benefits. A single fault can ruin any firm slowly and steadily. They are the real owners who make their company stand in the international arena. Furthermore, other workers do hard toil, but they sometimes consider their own benefit and don’t invest their time like the employees who are getting hefty amount. Then, it is justifiable if high title personnel get more than others.

In conclusion, thus, it is ostensible to say that high ranked personnel must be paid more than others due to their more responsibilities, sacrificing additional hours apart from the working hours. What’s more, they are the company’s captain, which runs smoothly and successfully due to their good planning and wise decision.

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