Letter to a Friend Who Worked in Your Previous Company

Letter to a friend who worked in your previous company. You have moved to a new job in a new city.

  • Describe your city
  • Describe your job
  • Description of the arrangement for him to visit you.

Dear Aarav,

I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the greatest of spirits. I am so pleased to inform you that I migrated to Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, in the last month; as you may know, the capital city is a huge and highly facilitated town in the country. It was an immediate arrival to the new place, and the organization is near to my accommodation. In addition, the company facilities are easily accessible, and the fellow workers are very supportive.

I was worked as Junior human resources executive in our previous company, and till my departure, I did not get any promotions. However, I joined as an assistant, human resources manager in the organization, and management confirmed that they would consider me for the next levels as per my performance. I worked here with an energetic and enthusiastic team, and because of this, I can easily achieve my goals.

Sometimes, I tried to recollect old memories, which were precious moments in my life. I am planning to fix a gathering for my dearest friends, and I use this occasion to invite you for the same and try to be part of the event. I addition, we will be able to visit malls, beaches, and dolphin watch. These may be the captivating moments in our life.

Looking forward to catching up.

Yours lovingly,

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