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Life Teaches Us the Lessons and Such Lessons Are the Keys to Success

Life Teaches Us the Lessons and Such Lessons Are the Keys to Success

Life teaches us the lessons, and such lessons are the keys to success. How far do you agree with this statement, and do you think formal education is important or people should rely on their life experiences.

Life teaches us lessons in every stage of life, even if we are educated or not. Some people think there is a need for formal education one can rely on life lessons. Others think one cannot get success in their life without getting an education. I believe that formal education is necessary for everyone, at least at some specific level.

Without education, one cannot achieve theirs based on real-life experiences. If individuals do not get an education, they are not able to research several things like, In the medical profession, one cannot prescribe medicine on the basis of life experience. As well as in Science there is need to get higher studies to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, if humans get the education, they came to know about earlier flaws that earlier people had done to overcome these hurdles; they need to study and do some experiments. Moreover, few people manage to succeed on the merit of the lesson from life. The vast majority have a higher degree from reputed international institutions. Nowadays, companies have the requirement of educated and talented candidates.

On the other hand, there are several things which we can learn from our life. Life experiences constantly improve our ability by learning from our mistakes. Some successful businessmen and politicians are not well educated, but they still got success and gave their best. To cite an example, Smriti Irani, one famous Indian politician, is not well educated. However still, she is well known as a great politician due to their efforts and ability.

In conclusion, lessons we learned from our life are pertinent and play a crucial role in success in our lives. However, I believe that everyone needs formal education because there is some sector where one cannot achieve their desired goal.

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