TIP(9) IELTS Listening Difficulties tips 1 Listening Difficulties tips 1

  1. Decimal, fraction and percentage

In English and Chinese in the fractional method is not the same concept, according to two decimal places is also a decimal to read, for example: 19.95 pronounced nineteen point ninety five. The decimal point and zero may be omitted case has already been mentioned earlier in this will not go into.

Scores of little test before, but still to mention, half and quarter, respectively, half and quarter. Molecules with the base word, the denominator with the ordinal numeral. More than one fraction, the denominator should add “s” that the plural.

The percentage of test to the comparatively more, as long as the notes that the word percent on the line, the other should be noted that the percentage of containing decimal situation.

For the number of sensitivity training is a subtle process, but that does not mean that we can not identify the training methods to enhance the capacity of numbers. Just as we were young to learn Chinese, at the outset parents asked us to learn to count, like the English numbers are so out of practice. Longre IELTS experts suggest that candidates can in our daily life will be fragmented free time to use up the number practice. For example waiting for a train, car, queuing, and even walked a number of awareness training. As long as pay attention, we can see that the number in any place, bus station, bus stop, subway stop countdown, banks line up an equal sign, traffic lights a few seconds to cross the road and so on and so on. On these occasions, we can silently in their hearts the corresponding figures in English, over time, the numbers greatly increased speed of response. In addition, learners can be used for specialized training in digital listening material is also very rich candidates can address the above examination center, difficult to collect the corresponding suitable material, to spend 10-15 minutes each time to concentrate on making this kind of practice, long as we persist, the effect will be very obvious. Do not even need to do so every day, a week three days to do this exercise enough. In short, as long as the use of the correct approach, and determined to persist, for the figures would not be difficult to master.


Listening Difficulties tips 1

Listening Difficulties tips 1

Listening Difficulties tips 1


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