ManMade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty cue card

compare Manmade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty

It is a great saying that God made the village and man made the town. Because village has all the natural scenes in comparison to town. god is the biggest creator and his creations are beyond description whether we talk about the natural surrounding, birds, animals, hills, lakes, beaches and above all of them is the human being.

Man-made creations could always have some flaws but beautiful things made by God are without any flaws. for instance, man made the town and life in the town is full of air pollution, noise pollution and there is no natural environment. but on the other hand in a village one can see the natural things like green lush crops, trees, flowers, and the air is fresh. Moreover, man-made artificial lakes but they are beyond comparison with natural lakes, beeches and other places of visit furthermore man-made transport like a car, buses, trains, airplanes are costly and are dangerous for the existence of environment but natural mode of transportation like horse, elephants, camel are cheap and they are beneficial for environment.

Above all are gods natural creation, the human being is the most beautiful creation of the world because one has own brain and one can do anything with it. but on the other hand, man made the artificial human being, the robot which can do work like a man but it has not its own brain. it works according to the instructions feed in its memory by a man. God made the vegetation for instance  flowers of different kinds are not only beautiful in seeing and also they spread sweet fragrance all around but artificial flowers made by man has no such quality so, everyone should praise the natural beauty because God exists in its natural things


Q-1 what do you mean by beauty?

Ans: beauty is not only the outlook of a person or thing but it includes inner beauty also. the real meaning of beauty is the all-round development of personality which includes outlook, behavior, attitude, thinking, intelligence etc.

Q-2 which things included in natural beauty?

Ans: natural beauty includes many things like trees, flowers, hills, canals, fountains, seashores, beaches etc.these things are natural and automatically touch the senses of a person who comes into contact with these things.

Q-3 which things could be included in man-made beauty?

Ans: man-made beauty includes artificial lakes, canals, gardens, statues, buildings, sources of transportation, sources of irrigation for water.but man-made beauty could not compete with natural beauty.


(Gagandeep Singh Kahlon)

man Made beauty is that beauty which is created by human being whereas Natural beauty is created by chance or nature. well, India has a diverse country and we found here both natural beauty as well as man-made beauty. One of a good example of man-made beauty is Taj Mahal. It is suited in the outer side of Agra city and it is the most beautiful Architecture masterpiece in the world. it is a unique combination of person, central Asian, and Islamic architecture. It is famous for its beauty and symbol of Love. On the other hand, there are so many natural beauty places on the earth and every palace is unique. Kashmir is one of them and it knows as heaven on earth because of its natural beauty. Kashmir is located in Himalayan. The nature over there gives more piece of mind and for positive energy. It is always a detectable issue which beauty is better than other. but I like the combination of man-made beauty and natural beauty

( Jaswinder Singh )

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ManMade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty cue card

ManMade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty cue card

ManMade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty cue card

ManMade Beauty v/s Natural Beauty cue card

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