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Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

Many animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction to fulfil humankind’s demand and greed for decorative purposes and other reasons, Such as traditional medicine. How can this issue be tackled?

Sample Answer for Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

Humans have been so cruel on the animal from a long time. Earlier, royal people used to kill animals to show bravery; also, they were using their skin in different ways. The same scenario is going on today but not royal people, but everyone wants to use animals’ fur, skin, nails, horns, and teeth to design something. Also, they use it to create medicine. This essay will describe how we can stop killing animals for selfish reasons.

I have seen people are demanding various animal products to fulfil their requirements. Firstly, I have seen the demand for winter jackets, which are made from animal fur, are increasing so rapidly in cold countries. There are some companies which are selling this kind of jacket at a very high cost. So, people purchase this jacket to show their status in society only. Secondly, people are using wild animals’ skin to design their houses and offices; also, rich communities use animals’ skin on their chairs and car seats; several products are made from leather-like wallets, belts, bags, jackets, clothes. People are selling these products at very high costs and openly in the market without any restrictions. Lastly, people use some animal products to cure their illness. For example, in India, there are some ayurvedic medicines which include cow’s pee. Also, people use animal products for their skin treatments.

Production of animal-made products is increasing because of people’s increase in buying these products. Companies are showing fancy animal-made products that attract people; thus, the need for animal-made products grows fast. There are several ways to stop these demands. People are selling this product because there are no restrictions on selling this type of thing. So, the government should take a step against these businesses, which can stop producing animal products. In the end, it will stop killing innocent animals. Vegan supporters should spread awareness in society, especially around the community of the people who use animal products, which can grow animal love in their heart, and they stop using this type of item. People should understand that the cost behind these products is not money, but it is an innocent animal. People should stop buying these products, and once the demand for them goes down, they will stop killing animals.

To conclude, I would like to say that when people and government take action against the producers of animal products, it will decrease the use of animals by itself.

Sample 2

Over the years its seen that the human race use natural resources to fulfilling their selfish needs. For many decoration, medicine and other reason abundant of animals are hunted by mankind. In this essay, I will examine how to solve or overcome this adversity in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

There is numerous solution for this particular tribulation. Firstly, in this contemporary era, we live with technical equipment, for research purpose, a host of scientists attempt it on animals or killed them, scientists also use computers instead of animals it is also beneficial for the natural lifecycle. Secondly, different animals are also part of this nature same as mankind, bureaucrats, several organizations and community can persuade people to how paramount is animals and what is deleterious effects if there are gone by us.

Thirdly, animals are alive like other creatures hence, we ought to ban the decoration of animal body parts, many people do it for money, however, abundant of job option is available around the world as well as decoration can be other items or stuff. Finally, numerous citizen believe in ancient cure tricks thus, they hunt them for primary treatment furthermore, authorities should set strict rules and regulations to restrict it.

To sum up, layman killed or hunt fauna for their selfish and own reasons such as cure, medicine and decorating home. The centre authorities should set rules and punish that people as well as encourage citizen and the community to pros of animals and drawbacks of hunting.

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