Many Believe that It Is Important to Protect All Wild Animals

Many believe that it is important to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the last few decades, wildlife and their habitat have been exacerbated, which is quite concerning. Therefore, many people consider safeguarding the entire fauna, which is a significant part of our ecosystem, whereas few hold the opinion that only a few animals should be protected. This essay will argue both the arguments and conclude with the opinion.

One of the most significant reasons for conserving wildlife is protecting biodiversity and maintaining ecological stability and balance. Some studies have proven that wild species have been invariably protecting the forest ecosystem, which abodes many distinct creatures and indigenous people, from destructive human activities, for instance, deforestation and illegal logging, crucial for human beings’ survival. Another reason is its vast medicinal benefits. Although plants play a vital role in producing medicines, several animals are essential for manufacturing herbs to a certain extent. Moreover, it is also important for scientific research and the sustainability of pharmaceutical industries.

Nevertheless, a fraction of people believes that the protection of some species is pivotal. This is mainly because of two primary factors. Firstly, these animals play a critical part in the food chain; for example, tigers from many regions are getting hunted and are on the verge of extinction. If this predator animal becomes less in number, its prey animals would see a rise in their population like deer, ultimately consuming more plants, which eventually wreaks havoc for all the living beings due to the surge in carbon dioxide level. Secondly, these animals give an impetus to the country’s economy in terms of tourism.

To conclude, it certainly appears that entire wildlife preservation is highly critical in maintaining this planet’s life. Although a section of society favours only the protection of a few creatures, others reckon saving the whole wildlife is paramount.

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