Many Believe that The Goal of One’s Career Should Be to Pursue a Passion

Many believe that the goal of one’s career should be to pursue a passion, while others feel it is merely a way to earn a livelihood. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Many Believe that The Goal of One’s Career Should Be to Pursue a Passion

Some argue that everyone’s goal in their profession is to passionately pursue their dreams and desires, while others believe that many people primarily strive to achieve their goals for material benefits like a good job and other amenities. In my opinion, pursuing one’s ambitions with dedication may be the objective of many, but it also brings numerous advantages, such as self-contentment, motivation, and the potential to change the world by establishing new norms for society.

Firstly, when people set goals in their professional lives to realize their dreams or desires, they work hard until they achieve them. As a result, their efforts bring them satisfaction and social recognition. For example, Henry Ford’s passion for creating extraordinary cars since childhood led him to become a renowned figure in the automotive industry.

On the other hand, setting goals by following one’s passion is considered a way to earn bread and butter. To elaborate, individuals are realistic. They know that realistic goals help them in improving their living standards. Since their childhood, they inculcate in their mind to become a doctor, teacher or a pilot. These professions can help them in earning a lot of money in their adulthood. For example, in modern society, parents modify the mind of their young ones by developing a strong taste for some type of professions, which are able to make them wealthy persons. They start preparing them at an early age. Therefore the sole motto is considered a lot of money that can make their life comfortable and exciting.

In conclusion, it is ostensible that it must be a goal of every person to madly follow their dreams to get contentment or social appreciation. For others, it is only a way to obtain huge money as some professions are lucrative and help persons to have access to high living standards. I think setting realistic goals is very beneficial and can bring a lot of benefits to the masses.

Sample 2 Many Believe that The Goal of One’s Career Should Be to Pursue a Passion

Nowadays, it is no exception that people are working on their passion; for that, they work very hard for one achievement whilst one group of schools argue that that is the only way to run life. This essay shall discuss my point of view before the relevant conclusion.

First and foremost, a group of people believe that a career can be decided with passion whereas, it is undeniable that, if an individual follow their passion, they become superior in the path of career and the main reason is the expertise in the field of work. To cite an example, one should be a better musician when one follows their interest in musical instruments or singing. Moreover, because of passion, people feel more comfortable doing such kind of work, and it would be highly effective. For example, Mr A R Rehman has been very passionate in areas of music since childhood, and now he is one the best single and Indo western musicians in the world.

Conversely, people think they follow their interests to earn only, while in a few areas of life, earning is necessary to live. In such cases, people follow their interests to survive only. Nevertheless, it can be observed that young people are persuaded to earn money at a particular age due to the few circumstances of life they stand to earn with their passion. Ergo, they choose their curriculum subject as per the area of earning. For example, one chooses the science subject for better earing in the future.

To reiterate, although they have to follow their area of interest because they have in-depth knowledge of that field, that also can be a great way of surviving.

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