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Many Countries Spend a Lot of Money on Improved Transport for Urban Areas While Neglecting Rural Transport

Many Countries Spend a Lot of Money on Improved Transport for Urban Areas While Neglecting Rural Transport

Many countries spend a lot of money on improved transport for urban areas while neglecting rural transport. What are the problems associated with this? What are some possible solutions?

Sample 1 Many Countries Spend a Lot of Money on Improved Transport for Urban Areas While Neglecting Rural Transport

It is observed that most nations are inclined to fund more towards improving the city transportation services while ignoring the countryside transportation. In my opinion, there are some related issues, and we can also draw some conclusions from them.

To start with, metropolitan cities have huge business parks and corporate offices where travelling to and fro has become a hectic routine for most working professionals. They are in dire need of having an efficient mode of transport in order to make the travel journey easier and quicker, even the labour workers building the bridges, skywalks, highways, etc. need essential commutation services, there are many sea or harbour projects initiated near the coastal areas to enrich the travel experiences to different places in less time. All these advancements in transportation services had made life easier for the people living in the cities but simultaneously have not created a better impact for the people living in the countryside.

People would migrate to better cities for career or work prospects, leading to a population decrease in rural areas. Furthermore, this would have a negative impact on farming or rural activities like Agriculture, Livestock production, etc. which is the livelihood for most of the people in the countryside. Poor food transportation services can cause huge problems, Thus, rural areas’ transportation should not be neglected as they are the backbone of food production in the nation. Also, many people who are below the poverty line are losing their life, due to insufficient medical facilities in rural areas.

The development of rural areas with top-notch infrastructure amenities by the government is necessary to prevent urban migration and enhance the standard of living in outlying communities. Additionally, all elected representatives from rural areas have to request government funding for the development of the industrial sector in rural areas, which would increase the number of jobs available for youth. In conclusion, because rural areas are the foundation of every nation, they must flourish alongside urban areas. However, the government ought to put more effort into improving rural areas, as doing so will have numerous positive economic effects for the country.

Sample 2 Many Countries Spend a Lot of Money on Improved Transport for Urban Areas While Neglecting Rural Transport

In many countries, the budget is incorrectly distributed between urban and rural transport. Basically, all funds go to the development of urban infrastructure, neglecting rural infrastructure.
In this essay, I will try to talk about the problems that can arise and have already arisen because of this.

I believe this is the wrong trend in budget distribution. Over time, cities have grown, with urban and rural areas connected by means of transport roads. If there is no rural transport or good roads, this negatively affects people’s travel from the village to the city.

The ongoing movement of people from rural areas to cities is caused by the search for work and the poor living conditions of the population in rural areas. One of the reasons for the poor living in the village is that rural transport is not developed, and there are bad roads in the villages. There are small schools in the villages. In this regard, these schools are closed, and children are forced to attend city schools to receive a quality education.

In addition, it will be very difficult for ambulances and fire trucks to pass in case of an emergency. It is necessary to carry out work on landscaping the territory, removing and processing garbage, constructing new landfills for solid waste, and increasing the quantity and quality of street lighting in the countryside. Culture is also of great importance in creating a favourable living environment. Cleanliness, neatness, comfort and respect for the place of residence are the main components of the culture that is often lacking in the modern village.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you need to love your city and your village, and respect and protect them. To avoid being at the tail of the world community, it is necessary to significantly increase investment in all infrastructure sectors, from utilities to modern transport systems and energy.

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