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As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

As transport and accommodation problems are increasing in many cities, some governments encourage businesses to move to rural areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1 Answer of As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

People of the current generation admire living in a big city instead of living in small towns or villages. The government of such regions encourages businesses to transfer to countryside areas to resolve transport and housing. In my opinion, and it is more beneficial in several ways if companies move to rural areas.

The government encourages businesses to move to rural areas. If they move to the countryside people will also move there for jobs. There are several reasons why civilians prefer to live in the city but, their prime reason is the job. They live in the town so they can earn good money. If businesses are grown in cities population will also grow with it. Because of growth in the population of cities, that city will start facing several problems like pollution, traffic, inflation, epidemic. But the main problem for the town will be transportation and accommodation for their citizens. To create sufficient accommodation for the civilian government, we have to start making homes by replacing jungles and gardens. This creates lots of trouble in the environment too. So, if businesses will not move to rural areas, it will create problems for the government, civilians, and the environment.

There are few disadvantages if the business will move to rural areas. Firstly, when they move to the new area, they are not sure that their current staff who is working in will move to rural areas as they can find something else to earn. Secondly, businesses will have a lot of costs to build their project again, so there are chances that companies will not make a profit sometimes. Finally, business there can be less accommodation, so the government has to build houses before the business starts there, and it has a risk of lots of costs.

To conclude I would like to say,  there are few disadvantages if the business will move to ruler areas, but pros are way better and more than cons. So government should encourage companies to move to rural areas.

Sample 2 Answer of As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

Many people believe that housings and transportation issues in many big cities today, governments should relocate businesses to the countryside. While I accept such policies can have some benefits, I would argue that the drawbacks it has are more significant.

On the one hand, moving businesses to suburban areas can solve some major problems. Firstly, by relocating big organizations, many transportation issues in the city centre could be solved. The relocations of businesses mean office workers will have to change their commuting habits. Every day, they will go outside the city centre, which helps to solve traffic congestion in the urban areas. Secondly, many workers will move to the countryside, resulting in the reduction of population density in the city. A smaller number of people living in the city means the housings problems will be less significant.

On the other hand, these policies can have some drawbacks. The first one is that far away businesses will adversely affect citizens; lives. Moving businesses to rural areas mean that people will have to spend more time on transportation. For example, supermarkets being moved to suburban areas will make daily shopping cost more time and energy for city shoppers. Additionally, the relocations will make the links between businesses disappear. The reason why many businesses choose to stay in the city is to save costs. Imagine if suppliers have to travel a hundred kilometres more to reach consumers, such changes can result in the loss of billion dollars per year. By located in the city, businesses can perform most effectively.

In conclusion, I believe that the drawbacks of business relocations outweigh their benefits.

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