Many People Join Distance-Learning Programmes (study Material, Post, Tv, Internet) and Study at Home

Many people join distance-learning programmes (study material, post, TV, Internet) and study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefit as attending colleges or universities does.

It has been seen that several masses do study at home via correspondence, and the detractors consider that people cannot reap the same benefits as they can get while doing study regularly in a college or university. In my perspective, for disabled and poverty-stricken people, correspondence study is best to educate themselves; but lack of interaction with the tutors or peer groups, practical sessions make it mandatory to study regularly.

First off, the availability of cutting-edge technology has made it convenient for individuals to get an education while sitting in any corner of the world. They can do a study along with the job. In this way, they are able to fulfil their educational credentials and get promotions in their respective field. For instance, sometimes people do a job in any firm or department for a long time; but to lack of a degree, they are unable to get a high salary, and the chances of promotion diminish. Therefore, crash courses assist them in getting an education. Multitude saves their precious time and money. Besides, for the disabled and oldsters, distance learning is a boon. They do not need to attend college or university daily. They can do study at their place.

On the other hand, those who consider that matchbook courses are not advantageous because persons do not get the benefits as the regular students get. There will be no interaction with the mentors and other class fellows. Neither they can take part in practical sessions such as doing experiments, and there is a need for a laboratory and equipment. Therefore, such students cannot enhance their knowledge. They might be good at theory, but they will lack hands-on learning. In addition, some educational Institutes look down upon the students and hesitate to enrol them for research work. On the contrary, regular students get the benefits and add more feathers to their caps.

To conclude, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that persons, due to lack of time and their disability, do crash courses. They are able to attain degrees, but they will not have practical knowledge as well as other opportunities that they can get while in college; they get deprived of those chances.

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