May 2024 To August 2024 Recent Cue Cards With Answers Updating Weekly

Hello Students 📚; welcome to a new journey of IELTS speaking cue cards 🗣️📄. We are always here to help you get your desired band scores 🎯. In this article, we’re going to share a list of new cue cards along with high-scoring sample answers related to the period from May 2024 to August 2024 cue cards. With the help of this list, you will be able to reach the commendable band scores.

IELTS is an International English Level Testing System associated with writing ✍️, reading 📖, listening 👂, and speaking 🗣️. While the speaking part is generally considered easier and less complicated than other IELTS modules, many IELTS candidates are still in deep struggle 🏊‍♂️. In-depth knowledge 🧠 and focus 👀 are mandatory to get the targeted band scores.

A recent survey among students highlighted that most of them are worried 😟 about the speaking module as they struggle with fluent and accurate speaking affiliated with the speaking band descriptor. If you are one of them, Do not worry, we are here to help you always regarding your every hurdle that you are facing during your practice.

You will be able to read a collection of the latest speaking cue cards in this post. We’ve gathered a range of new cue cards covering the May 2024 to August 2024 list. These cue cards will aid in enriching your confidence while delivering the speaking test, as you will get multiple well-supported ideas with a range of complex and compound sentence structures. For daily practice tests, follow our Telegram channel @IELTSFEVER and connect with us on Instagram @IELTSFevertests for additional updates. Let’s embrace the IELTS challenge together!


May 2024 To August 2024 Recent Cue Cards With Answers Updating Weekly

1 Describe a Useful Object in Your Home that You Cannot Live Without
2 Describe an interesting conversation you had with an old person.
3 Describe A Public Facility That Has Been Renovated And Improved
4 Describe A Uniform You Wear (At Your School Or Work/Company)
5 Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do
6 Describe An Important Book That You Have Read Many Times
7 Talk About A Time When You Learned A Difficult Word
8 Describe an Unusual Holiday You Had
9 Describe A Famous Scientist Or Inventor You Know About
10 Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his or her home ***
11 Describe something you do regularly that helps you work or study better***
12 Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot***
13 Discuss a park or garden you like to visit.
14 Describe a long-term goal you would like to achieve.***
15 Describe a library that you visited Recently***
16 Describe an aspect of modern society that you dislike
17 Describe a female leader you like***
18 Describe a person who has apologized to you
19 Describe some technology that you decided to stop using
20 Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay awake
21 Describe a time when you were in a public place and you overhead a stranger talking on the phone
22 Describe a website you often browse***
23 Describe a building or structure with arch structural interest***
24 Describe a job or workplace that helps youth for jobs
25 Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work
26 Describe a skill that you learned in your childhood
27 A street market in your city where you did/do shopping
28 Describe an outdoor activity you did
29 Describe a good law in your country
30 Describe a plant that is grown in your country
31 Describe a person who buys things at low prices
32 Describe a person who cooked for you

Describe a time when you wore traditional dress

34 Describe a time you had to finish something in a hurry
35 Describe a place in your hometown where you like to enjoy and relax
36 Describe a place you visited where things were so expensive
37 Describe  a famous person who is a role model for the young generation
38 Describe a time when you used a map
39 Describe a photo that you took and are proud of
40 Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like
41 Describe something that you did with someone/a group of people
42 Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future
43 Describe someone you know who made a good decision recently
44 Describe a risk you took that you thought would lead to a terrible result but ended up with a positive result
45 Describe a natural place (e.g. parks, mountains)
46 Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend
47 Describe a special meal that someone made for you
48 Describe a sport that you only have watched before but have not played yourself
49 Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal
50 Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once
51 Describe a tourist attraction that very few people visit but you think is interesting
52 Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country
53 Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study
54 Describe a person who thinks music is important and enjoys music
55 Describe something you would like to learn in the future
56 Describe an activity you enjoyed in your free time when you were young
57 Describe a piece of good news that you heard about someone you know well
58 Describe a person who you are happy to know
59 Describe something you own that you want to replace.
60 Describe an enjoyable journey by public transport.
61 Describe a place (city/town) that is good for people to live in
62 Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person
63 Describe a time when you received money as a gift
64 Describe a film character played by an actor or actress whom you admire
65 Describe a complaint that you made, and you were satisfied with the result
66 Describe an occasion you wore your favourite clothes
67 Describe a time you successfully did something difficult
68 Describe a sportsperson/athlete that you admire
69 Describe a time when missed or were late for an important meeting/event
70 Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise
71 Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted
72 Describe your favourite place in your house where you can relax
73 Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with
74 Describe a historical building you have been to
75 Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
76 Describe a period when you were busy
77 Describe a time when you used a map
78 Describe a situation when you helped someone
79 Describe something in your country that you are interested in
80 Describe a time when someone did quite well in a team (e.g. schoolwork or a community)
81 Describe a time when you picked up an item that someone else lost
82 Describe a film you watched or Describe a film that impressed you a lot
83 Describe something that you picked up that was thrown by someone else
84 Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home
85 Describe an occasion when you heard someone complaining about something in a restaurant/store or other business places
86 Describe a travel you were looking forward to but was delayed
87 Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school
88 Describe a difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of
89 Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else
90 Describe a person who always has interesting ideas or opinions
91 Describe a successful businessperson you know
92 Describe a park or a garden in your city
93 Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about
94 Describe a person you would like to study or work with
95 Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
96 Describe a website which helped you to do something/website you visit often/ use regularly
97 Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with
98 Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways
99 Describe a beautiful city
100 Describe a foreigner who speaks your native language (Hindi) very well
101 Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.) that you are interested in and would like to learn more about
102 Describe a time when you were late
103 Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting
104 Describe a piece of good news you heard from others
105 Describe an unusual meal that you had
106 Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted /a gift you received
107 Talk about an interesting old person you met recently
108 Describe your experience when you changed your school/college
109 Describe a place where there was a lot of noise/ Describe a noisy place you have been to
110 Describe a place/ country in which you would like to live/ work for a short period of time
111 Describe something you taught to your friend/relative
112 Describe a historical period you would like to know more about
113 Describe an achievement/success you are proud of
114 Describe a piece of technology that you find difficult to use
115 Talk about a thing you complained about something (but finally got a good result)
116 Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera

The abovementioned list is specially designed to provide you ease in preparing IELTS Speaking test 🎤. These cue cards will help you to develop ideas 💡 and boost your band scores. You will be able to get unique and the most recent cue card topics in our IELTSFever Latest cue card list of May 2024 to August 2024. If your exam is scheduled between January 2024 and April 2024, prepare with these cue cards to meet your objectives. We’ve compiled this latest list from our experience and believe it to be likely accurate. However, remember that predictions are merely estimations, so the exam may present different questions. Therefore, practice extensively and be prepared to think on your feet 🏃‍♂️.

In the Speaking module, this new list is quite essential for preparing and getting high scores. One more thing that you keep in mind while preparing is that it is also mandatory to review samples from January 2024 to April 2024. Always remember one thing while preparing a cue card list: do not memorize the same sample answer; use your own creativity to generate ideas; it will also help you to exercise your mind. You can pick some accurate language expressions like idiomatic expressions, collocations, and a mix of simple and complex sentences. Moreover, while these sample answers are helpful and might be relevant in the exam, continue practising and be ready for different questions.

We recognize that you might have questions or concerns regarding the speaking section. Please feel free to contact us or leave your valuable feedback in the comments section of this post. Doing so will enable us to help you improve your speaking score. Also, we invite you to share your personal exam experiences, including any questions you faced, by commenting here too.

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