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Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships

Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships.

 Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships.

Do you agree or disagree?


Technology has been changed each and every aspect of our Lifestyle. Technological advancement leads to modernization in every field. Modern communication is one of them. Some people think that there are negative consequences of modern communication on social relationships.  I partially agree with this statement.

Paragraph 1:

Some people think that in the past most people were living in a close-knit family and they had not any technical gadgets in order to communicate with each other, So they meet face-to-face and it leads to a positive impact on their relationship. Other than that, nowadays, many online communication sites are available such as Instagram, Facebook, and many others, in which any person can communicate with each other unknown person, so the chances of fraud are also increasing and due to this social relationships can be affected. Moreover, there is lots of difference between virtuality and reality so anyone can know the behavior of any person through face-to-face rather than through online modern communication. Hence, myriad people oppose modern communication.

Paragraph 2:

On the other side, there are also some positive impacts on modern communication. Firstly, due to ever-increasing advanced technology many online social networking sites are available in which any person can make friends all over the world, and also they can learn about different cultures while communicating with each other.  For example, Facebook is one of the effective communication site, where different people can share their cultures and also make a social relationship with each other. Moreover, through modern communication, any person can stand their views in front of the public and also gain knowledge after making good relationships with people.


In conclusion, as every coin has two sides, there are some negative consequences of relationships through modern communication and also some brighter side of it. Hence, I partially agree with this statement that online communication leads to only negative consequences on relationships.

This is the end of  writing task 2: ( Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships.)

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