More women have started joining army and you think women are suitable for such kind of jobs?

More women have started joining the army and navy. Do you think women are suitable for such kind of jobs?


There is no doubt that women have achieved vast progress in every field of life and now a majority of women have begun to join armed forces because they have proved that they have the guts to handle any crucial, in my opinion, women are suitable for army and navy. we will discuss this thing in the upcoming paragraphs. More women have started joining the army and navy.

The first and foremost thing is that they have to pass through the selection procedure like men. the selection authorities check them on all stages like mentally and physically. the governments have arranged proper training programmes to make them fit for any harsh conditions. they not only have the feeling of patriotism but want to serve the nation on the battlefield. for instance, Kiran Bedi is the first IPS officer of India and she has become a role model for other females also. they have uprooted the tradition of the male-dominated society and take part in every field shoulder to shoulder with men. More women have started joining the army and navy.

Furthermore, in this modern era, it can be seen that they have proved themselves in all sports like wrestling, boxing, swimming, tennis, badminton, weightlifting, and even cricket also. for instance, Harman Preet Kaur who is native of my hometown has scored 170 runs in cricket while playing in a one-day international semifinal against England. she has stunned the whole nation. so in this way, women have proved their strength to fight and defend their nation. women are an important part of society and they have the equal right to do what they want because our constitution has given equal right to anyone to do anything. More women have started joining the army and navy.

To conclude, feminine are flourishing in every walk of life. they should be given the chance to show their hidden talent and as a result of this, they bear from the front to serve the country.

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