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General Reading Practice Test 13 Morpeth Is Today ,where to Stay, Numeracy Center, Business Planning

General Reading Practice Test 13 Morpeth Is Today ,where to Stay, Numeracy Center, Business Planning

General Reading Practice Test 13 Morpeth Is Today  where to Stay, numeracy Center, business Planning


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Morpeth is today, WHERE TO STAY, Numeracy centre, Business Planning

Morpeth is today a small town about two hours’ drive north of Sydney. The town of Morpeth grew from an original 2000 acres of land given to an English army officer, Lieutenant Edward Close (1790-1866), in 1821. During the 1830s and 1840s Morpeth became a major river port, due to its favourable location. Produce, hides and timber were brought to Morpeth from inland New South Wales and shipped down the Hunter river to the coast and then to Sydney. However, in 1870 a railway line reached the town, and the importance of river shipping began to decline. Today, Morpeth is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful old buildings.

country Comfort Inn, Hunter Valley

The Country Comfort Inn, Hunter Valley, is a beautifully restored 125-year-old building just 20 minutes from the vineyards. Formerly an orphanage, the Inn is set on 10 acres of landscaped gardens complete with pool, Siluna, tennis court, spa, gym, billiard room, guest lounge, fireplace, cocktail bar, and two restaurants. Special packages available. New England Highway, Maitland. Call toll free l800 065 064 or (049) 32 52 88

Numeracy €enb:e
Many business and marketing courses require a knowledge of introductory statistics, computing or mathematics. If you feel inadequately prepared for your course, you can get help from the Numeracy Centre, which offers FREE elementary help in maths and statistics. Crab a timetable from the Centre and drop in when it suits you.

Business Planning

What is a Business plan?

It is probably best described as a summary and evaluation of your business idea, in writing.

Preparation of a business plan is the first and most important task for the business starter. The plan should include details concerning the industry in which you operate, your product or service, and marketing: production, personnel, and financial strategies.

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