News Companies Spend a Lot of Money Covering International News

Nowadays, news companies spend a lot of money covering international news. However, local news is more relevant to people’s lives and should receive more funding. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Today, media houses use most of their funds to cover international news. Although most people believe that local news is more relevant and should receive more funds I strongly disagree with this view. This essay will provide reasons for my objection.

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Firstly, international news informs people generally about World Health. I believe this information is crucial to everyone and people should be aware of the trends in global health. For instance, people became Well informed about the 2020 pandemic. In addition, international reports from various countries advised people against travel to some destinations which had a high prevalence of COVID-19. This international news had a major impact on the lives of people irrespective of their location or region.

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Secondly, information about global crises is relevant to people despite their location. News companies should spend more money on covering this international news. For example, people become aware of crises such as terrorism by listening to international media coverage. Also, people will be opportune to participate in global movements against such a crisis. Evidence of the impact of international media is the Black Lives Matter movement and the Asian Hate movements. People from different countries marched in solidarity for these movements.

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Thirdly, international news cover trends in global fashion and changes in fashion style and in the fashion industry. This information allows local fashion enthusiast to update their knowledge and compete internationally. For instance, students in Amsterdam Fashion Academy will learn more about fashion trends in places such as New York or Japan. Also, they will be able to incorporate this knowledge in their studies making more them more diverse and well-informed. Therefore, news companies should spend more money on international news as this is more relevant to people.


In conclusion, I strongly believe that international news is more relevant to people’s life and media companies should invest more in them. This is because, international news covers information about global health, global crisis, and the world’s fashion trends. This information is useful to people irrespective of their region or location in the world.

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