Now a Day Many People Want to Buy Famous Brands

Now a day many people want to buy famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. What are the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive and a negative development?

In recent years, shopping trends for apparel, four-wheelers and other produces have drastically changed from local brands to international. The main reason behind this transformation is the accessibility of such brands have immensely increased in every nook and corner of the world. Apart from that, such brands are investing a lot in promotions to promote their products. However, I do not see it as a positive development which is explained in the below composition.

To begin with, if we talk about the time before a decade or two, there were hardly any brands in most developing countries. Though some fashion brands were available, those were found mostly in the urban centres of the nations. Inhabitants of rural areas were not even thinking of possessing cars during that time. On the other hand, today, these popular brands have reached everywhere. Besides this, people also access them through various online shopping platforms, which were never available before a decade. Additionally, famous car brands now provide doorstep services to potential clients, which has helped them increase their sales and is also benefiting the people living in the outskirt areas. Moreover, popular branded stores for households also provide home delivery services these days. Famous and big brands do not hesitate these days to invest large amounts while doing promotions regardless of the product. They know the right path to rich to customer’s minds. A recent survey conducted by Yale University states that people are elated to access all they need from their mobile phones, and many of them are not even going to the local shops anymore. Thus, in my view, people have got multiple ways to explore and enjoy products from international brands due to increased accessibility. Advertising of these products is also playing a vital role.

Though I do not see it as a positive side of development for multiple reasons, firstly, due to the increased popularity of foreign brands, local business owners, especially in developing countries, face huge losses. Some of them had to close their businesses or had to lay off some of their staff members. In this way, these international brands are ruining the employment rates of such nations. In India, for instance, many local merchants had to close their grocery stores after Dmart- a popular produce store- is opened everywhere, from an urban centre to a village. It cannot be denied that investment in the country is increased with this kind of development, but people today have become mad behind these brands. Many people have developed a sense of jealousy by flaunting their shopping in front of their friends and distant relatives. This ill-feeling is taking the stress amongst society to the next level. Even infants more often fight with their parents- who belong to a humble background- to possess mobile phones from famous brands, such as apple, one plus, etc. Hence, I think this is not at all a positive development.

To conclude, famous conglomerates have found ways to reach customers by making their products accessible and promoting them on various platforms, which has changed shopping. But, the disadvantages of such kind of consumerism outweigh the advantages. That is why this is a negative development. Perhaps, authorities should take benchmark steps to promote local merchants who will eventually help the country’s economy.

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