2 thoughts on “Nowadays, it is easy to apply for and be given a credit card. however, some people experience problems when they are not able to pay their debts back. in your opinion, do the advantages of credit cards outweigh the disadvantages?”

  1. now a day it’s not difficult to have credit card but one should be cautious before buying it as some people believe that the debt is difficult to pay off if it’s not calculated properly.this essay will discuss about pros and cons of having credit card and supports with relevant example that why we should be very cautious before buying it.
    it happens with many people that if one is regular tax payer and his credit score is good than many credit card companies contact him to offer credit card without any joining fees. these seems very luceratives and any body like to accept that opportunity. because not only initial offer but having credit card gives you number of other benefit like great offer on shopping, travel,dining but in particular it can be utilized any where in world.but the most important is it gives you sense of having in upper class.so many people who are having regular and good source of income are preferring credit card than debit card or cash.
    on the other hand most people who don’t have regular income and cautious about their average income to expense ratio are critical thinker about their ability pay debt. in particular people like whom job is fall in less skill full category such as labour , vendor , small shopkeeper,and jobs on contract are not a good candidate to buy credit card.because the might not have constant flow of income for debt to pay and that’s become dezastar for their life. such an incidence has happened with one of my friend who bought xxx companies credit card and to take all the advantage has spend his money by credit card but suddenly his employer terminated his contract and he become job less as a result lot’s of interest has added to his principal and many of is property and saving has to sell of as a settlement to the debt.
    from the above example now i firmly believe that even if you are offer to have credit card without any joining fee and lots of attractive offers are coming with it one should considered the rate of interest and unfavourable situation which may restrict flow of income before buying credit card.

    please evaluate it and give me your expert opinion.

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