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Nowadays, Many People Spend Less and Less Time with Family

Nowadays, Many People Spend Less and Less Time with Family

Nowadays, many people spend less and less time with family. Why is this happening? How does this affect individuals and their families?

Sample 1 Nowadays, Many People Spend Less and Less Time with Family

It is observed that people with their families have spent less time. Out of many reasons, busy work life and online streaming services are a few reasons which do not allow a person to utilize their maximum time with their loved ones. It has a great impact on them and society as weak bonding in relationships and broken families.

To begin with, busy work life is one of the reasons. To elaborate on it, masses work around the clock. Occasionally, they do work even at the cost of sacrificing the leisure time that they want to utilize with their families. Therefore night shifts and overtime make them so busy that they hardly get the time to spend with their loved ones. For instance, increments, incentives, and promotions allure people to utilize more time at the workplace. Individuals go early and come late at night till then, all the members of a family have fallen asleep.

Moreover, online streaming servicing is another reason. To explicate, if people are stressed, they want some kind of entertainment. Instead of going outside with a family, such as shopping, watching a movie in a theatre or gossiping at home with them, they prefer to watch their favourite programs alone online. These online services provide them with a great deal of entertainment. They start watching on their laptops while sitting in a room and prefer to utilize their time with family.

On the other hand, it greatly impacts individuals and society. Firstly, people will not have a good bonding with their family members. In other words, a generation gap will emerge if they do not communicate with their family members. This gap will be so widened to fill it. Resultantly, they will consider avoiding each other, and their trust in each other will shatter unexpectedly. For example, now masses prefer to be introverted as they what privacy and do not want to disclose their plans to other family members. They might have a fear of jealousy and hatred. So this thing breaks their bonding. Besides, less communication has led to broken families. Now people want a nuclear family because they avoid taking up the responsibilities of the other members and want to spend on themselves alone. Therefore it will distort the social structure of the well-knit family.

In conclusion, it is apparent that people spend less time due to spending more time at the workplace as well as watching movies or other programmes in their comfort zone in spite of spending time outside or inside with their family members. It greatly impacts individuals as they will not be tied to good relationships, and families will break into nuclear ones.

Sample 2 Nowadays, Many People Spend Less and Less Time with Family

Analysing the contemporary era, the world is developing so that it has become more competitive than ever. In present days, the time spent with family is diminished continuously by numerous pupils. Several reasons are accountable for this, and some consequences can be expected as a lack of moral values in kids and family separation.

The increasingly busy schedule keeps people busy all day, leaving them little time to spend quality time with family. To commence with, a number of employers demand their employees to work overtime and usually at weekends to do. To exemplify, software engineering in China often have to work late at night at the office due to excessive work pressure. Furthermore, city dwellers can enjoy a plethora of activities in the city. In particular, they would like to spend time with peers rather than stay at home. As a consequence, they usually come home late at night when all family members are asleep.

The phenomenon presents a negative impact on both individuals and families. Firstly, parents who are too busy to earn money and spend less time with their children may have an adverse impact on their children. When the children do not get time from their guardians, they switch to gadgets where they get entertainment, like videos and music. For instance, a search in America has found that most youngsters from ages 10 to 18 years spend their time on social media. Nevertheless, adults may suffer from health issues like obesity. As a result, due to the conversation gap between them, they do not get the required moral values and get distracted by the family.

Furthermore, such as long time part homesickness often occurs, which can cause depression. If such things cannot recover on time, it affects the study and job, leading to even more problems. Undeniably, an evident example could be that nowadays, divorce cases are increasing day by day for the reason that lengthy separation usually weakens the family bond.

To conclude, because of the general need to provide for the family and achieve personal success. However, if strong family bonds are to be maintained, families should consider other ways to earn or ensure that meaningful communication between members is somehow sustained.

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