One of Your Friends Plans to Go Sightseeing in Your Country: GT Writing Task 1

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One of your friends plans to go sightseeing in your country. You used to live in a place that you think she might enjoy visiting. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter you should:

  • briefly describe the attractions of this place.
  • recommend accommodation.
  • and suggest what he/she should take.

Dear Sam,

I am delighted to get acquainted with you visiting India next month for your vacation. I am overwhelmed to inform you about my hometown Kashmir, and I hope you can visit that place along with your family.

Let me elaborate on some of the exquisite sightseeing spots. There is a massive water body called Dal Lake, which is the mascot of our state. It has breathtaking views, and you can go for a ride by reserving a cruise. Furthermore, there are numerous spectacular mountains that habitat a diverse range of fauna such as saffron, tulip and rose gardens. You can tour these spots either on a rope car or on a horse.

Moreover, my native is prominent for its lodging amenities, and I would suggest that you can reserve a room in Le Meridian resort. They offer remarkable rooms, and a complimentary delicious breakfast is served, which teaches a variety of savouries and sweets.

Additionally, the climate is extremely cold, with heavy rains and blizzards. Therefore, I propound that you pack appropriate woollen garments such as boots, shoes, gloves, beanies, jackets and hoodies. It is optimal to carry an umbrella or a raincoat in unprecedented circumstances.

Hope you have a wonderful and noteworthy holiday.

Best Regards,

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