One Way to Solve the Problem of Congestion Is to Increase the Tax on Private Vehicles: Writing Task 2

One way to solve the problem of congestion is to increase the tax on private vehicles. Do the advantages of this solution outweigh its disadvantages?

It goes without saying that due to the rapid growth of population increase, the intensity of traffic congestion has become the most prominent issue globally. It can plunge with higher taxes imposed on personal drives and overcome this severe scenario. Although many may see a positive phenomenon, it is not a trend without drawbacks. Therefore, hiking the taxes on transport has more benefits than drawbacks.

The first disadvantage is that if taxes would not be increased, so the total consumption of cars gradually surged, which led to the number of private vehicles on the road having a direct impact on air quality because exhaust fumes are a major contributor to air pollution. Other criticism of taxes on independent vehicles will discourage the manufacturing companies from investing in the country, which directly impacts the economy of the nation, thus leading to the individual would deprive of massive amenities. For instance, major companies always give clear intention towards fulfilling the amp and necessity of consumers and provide all possible sophisticated attributes in a reasonable range, with the certain changes in taxes and companies would pull back their services from the market immediately. To add to it, higher taxes will only affect lower-income families.

Despite the demerits above, the main practical benefits as well. First of all, with the scale-up of taxes, most people drop the idea of owning new vehicles, so they give interest towards public transport in lieu of independent vehicles. Access to them, they are likely to save their money and prefer other modes of transport, such as intercity terms that are highly energy-efficient or use sustainable energy vehicles. However, increasing taxes would sort out the crisis of traffic jams. The added advantage is that the consumption of fossil fuels would be reduced, which tends to take the small initiative to preserve the precious elements for further generation and it could be possible when fares of taxes inclined and people should avoid using their personal vehicles in their day to day life. For instance, last year Delhi government announced the rule of Odd-Even and increased the range of taxes on ownership of new cars. Afterwards, the problem of traffic congestion was immediately reduced, and this law was also implemented by local residents. In addition, with the rise in taxes helps to change the infrastructure of the country and improve the condition of roads and build parking facilities, which makes an easier lifestyle for the community.

In conclusion, the congestion problem can be comfortably solved if appropriate precautions are taken by the government. Above all, the public should also follow the road signs and contribute to nature.

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