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Online Communication is Getting More Common Than Meeting Face to Face

Online Communication is Getting More Common Than Meeting Face to Face

In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer of Online Communication is Getting More Common Than Meeting Face to Face


Conversing online at jobs is more popular than meeting in person. It may be due to the spread of technology and epidemics; however, this trend has more disadvantages like it has made people isolated, ostentatious, and by and by they disregard the social values.


First off, Nowadays people have a very hectic schedule so they consider talking to their colleagues online rather than meeting personally. They just perform their duty to stay in connection with them. Thus they experience isolation. To exemplify, people usually converse when they experience any problem or need help only then they consider talking to them online. It becomes difficult for them to understand the real cause of their problem. They feel alone. Likewise, if they meet their co-workers in person, then they can share their feelings as well as troubles well. The personal touch is more important and remains for a long time than getting the same treatment online.


Moreover, masses tend to become gaudier and now and then they use jargon that becomes intelligible for others. Thus this kind of behavior makes them unpopular among their staff members. In this way, they disregard the social values that are mandatory to have a Cosmopolitan ambiance at the workplace. For instance, people equip themselves with cutting edge technology and build superiority complexes, and want to show off their knowledge to their counterparts by making them feel inferior in the usage of technology. In this way, people lose social values and become more like a machine.


In conclusion, Though conversing online has made communication instant and clear; but, it has made people isolated, people in order to make their colleagues feel inferior display their knowledge, and lose their reputation or dignity just because of their ostentatious nature. So definitely its disadvantages are greater than the advantages.

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