Parents Should Encourage Children to Spend Less Time on Studies and More Time in Physical Activities

Parents should encourage children to spend less time on studies and more time in physical activities. To What extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people opine that parents should encourage their offspring to spend more time on physical activities such as sports and stretching and less on studies. I agree with this notion because it benefits children’s health and reduces the burden of studies.

Needless to say, education plays a prominent role in children’s lives to achieve success. To elaborate, if learners are not able to give sufficient time to their studies, they have to face failure in their life because, without education, it is very difficult to achieve high paid jobs. So, it is more important to prioritise education rather than doing other activities.

To begin with, there are several benefits of encouraging juveniles to spend more time doing physical activity, such as sports and yoga. The first benefit of reducing study time is a healthy life. To illustrate, most of the students remain engaged in their studies. As a result, they face some health problems such as stress, obesity, and so on, so it is necessary to reduce the time of study and participating in any recreational activity. For example, participating in a game such as a cricket help to reduce stress and make them fit and alive. Thus, parents need to motivate their children to reduce their time to study and give more time to physical activities.

Furthermore, playing any game helps children to pursue their careers in that field if they become perfect. To explicate, most sports people earn a lot of money and fame by playing a specific game such as cricket. For example, many famous sportspeople such as Virat Kohli live in a society that prefers sports, and by doing hard work, they earn a prosperous life. Thus, parents must encourage children to pursue careers if they are passionate about them.

To sum up, although education plays an important role in children’s lives, I believe that if parents motivate their children to participate in any physical activity, help their offspring to live a healthy life and also they can earn money while choosing sports as a career.

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