People in Developed Countries Have the Tendency to Buy

People in developed countries have the tendency to buy more and more things whether they need them or not. Is it a positive or negative development?

Advertisements have greatly influenced the buying habits of people of affluent nations. Natives of these rich Nations do more purchasing, either they have needed them or not. In my perspective, it is a negative development as people become extravagant and this trend leads them to spoil the environment.

First off, natives of rich nations buy things that are in vogue and can help them in maintaining their status. Having plenty of money is the icing on the cake for them as they can spend up to any amount to purchase anything without knowing the real worth of that thing. So they go on a shopping spree. I think it has more adverse outcomes. Firstly, people become extravagant and impulsive buyers. They get attracted by the beauty of anything and do purchasing. Besides, prevailing fashion has added fuel to the fire by displaying various commodities in shopping malls, local markets. People do not think twice before utilising their income. Sometimes, this trend makes them penniless. What’s more, the sales representatives exaggerate the features of the thing to customers and under their influence, individual spend money lavishly. So, such kind of trend is unhealthy for them.

Furthermore, when people buy things, they do not make a list of essential things; they just buy at their whim. Thus they live in use and throw society. Compulsive buyers get attracted by the glossy and antique quality of any commodity, and when it serves no purpose, they throw it and demand more. Thus they are responsible for making their environment congenial. Wooden furniture is a classic example of it. Affluent people spend more on buying furniture, and when it gets old or does no longer remain in fashion, they buy another one. Thus, lots of wood have been used, and to obtain it, forests have been cleared. Eventually, the environment gets affected.

In conclusion, thus people buy things that are usable for them or not just under the influence of their look and be more specific, maintaining their status and displaying their wealth. It is negative development as it turns individuals into a pauper and environmental hazards are there.

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