More and More People Today Are Using Computers and Electronic Devices to Access Information

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More and more people today are using computers and electronic devices to access information. Therefore there is no longer any need to print books, magazines or newspaper. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Digital media has surely taken over the print media these days. Reaching millions of people with a single click of a button is indeed a power of influence, and it is the greatest as well. Individuals today are willing to use social media through their electronic devices and are neglecting the use of print media such as newspapers. The further essay will dig deep into the matter stated and will publish individual opinion as well.

Firstly, print media has its own charm and significance in society. Some households still like to wake up in the morning, collect their morning newspaper from their gates and wait for their hot and refreshing morning tea to read the newspaper. It is a routine activity for them, and they feel empty without doing it. Further, reading news in the newspapers or magazines is the next level of excitement, and when an individual reads news on him/herself, the happiness level is indeed on cloud nine. Print media publishes tons of stuff in a single day, and it also covers all the areas of concern.

Probing ahead, Digital media can reach people at any given point in time. It also saves tons of energy used in printing newspapers and magazines, and many more. It promotes the idea of making the best use of the things around us. Digital media has its own set of topics to cover and different working styles. Again it also needs a lot of patience and perfection to handle it as once something gets published, it can not be taken away from the public. This is easily accessible any time of the day; even previous important news can be saved and re-read.

I’ll finally pen down by saying that digital and print media has their own way of presenting things, and both has their importance in peoples lives. I personally believe the print media should make further production on the usage percentage in order to avoid overloads and save paper and resources as much as we can. Both the media departments should continue to enlighten peoples world each hour.

This is the End of the Writing task. More and More People Today Are Using Computers and Electronic Devices to Access Information.

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  1. When asked to what extent do you agree. Ido I have to mention the extent in the introduction?

    Do I have to discuss digital media in one paragraph, then print media in another paragraph, later give my opinion?

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