Pets and Animals: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

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Pets and Animals: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Pets and Animals: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

Question 1. Do you like animals?

Answer – Yes, I do. There are two reasons behind it; Firstly, they are loyal. Secondly, they are truly good friends of humans.

Question 2. What’s your favourite animal? Why?

Answer – Dogs are my favourite animal just because they are loyal to their owner, and if their owner gett in trouble, they can do whatever they can.

Question 3. Are people in your country fond of animals?

Answer – Yes, we can say that, but only 30% are under those people who are scared of animals, that is the reason they don’t like them and the rest, which is commander 70% of people, are very processive about their pets.

Question 4. What kinds of animals a pet do the people have in your country?

Answer – Well, it totally depends on the individual choice of which animals they want as a pet. Because some people like to have a dog, some cats, some monkeys, and some people also have a Snake. Which was quite scary for me because I don’t like snakes when I saw that one of my friends had a python at his house.

Question 5. Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, every place is suitable for pets where humans can live, and pets also live together. Because facts only want caring and love from humans, nothing else.

Question 6. Do children in your country like animals?

Answer – Yes, they do; they often like to play indoors or outdoors with them. Even in so many reels, I saw that animals are also like the company of children.

Question 7. What kind of animals do you think children like?

Answer – Children like to play with dogs & cats mainly. But some special breeds are quite popular among children in dogs like pug, Afghan Chon and Beagle.

Question 8. What was your favourite animal when you were a child?

Answer – At that time, my father did not allow us to keep animals at home because he was scared of them. But as I remember, we have a bird called “a parrot,” we call his mittho.

Question 9. Did you have any pets when you were a child?

Answer – As I remember, we didn’t have any pets at that time, but now we have one dog and one parrot. A pet The most interesting thing about my parrot is that whenever someone comes home, he says, welcome, welcome.

Question 10. What do you think are the benefits of a child having a pet?

Answer – No, I don’t think so because children do not have that type of mentality to take care of the pets. Sometimes they harm themself as well as their pets too, which is quite unacceptable by parents, so, in my opinion, there is a no benefits to having a child as a pet.

Question 11. If you have children in the future, will you allow them to keep a pet?

Answer – Yes, we will, but under our concentration because we don’t want any trouble in future, because I heard a number of news nowadays that someone’s pet did this and this which is quite horrible so I don’t want that type of Accident to happen to my child.

Question 12. Why do some people keep pets at home?

Answer – There are several reasons for it, but the two main key points are that if you are feeling alone or lonely, pets are your best friend because of their activities; we never get bored. Secondly, just for security purposes, no one wants to spend enough money on security to hire someone, so they keep a pet for their security.

Question 13. What kinds of animals do you like?

Answer – As I said before, Dogs and cats are both my favourite animal, but I always give a preference to dogs. The reason behind it is that as competing Cats, Dogs are very silent and active, but cats are so lazy.

Question 14. Have you ever had a pet before?

Answer – Before this covid-19, we don’t have any pets, but I put it over 19, and which breed is most popular among the people, “German Shepherd”? We are calling him bozo.

Question 15. Do you like to see animals in the zoo?

Answer – Yes, I do. The main reason behind this is that we can’t keep any animal as a pet which is available in zoos. Zoo is the best place to see and get some food to eat.

Question 16. What is the most popular animal in your country?

Answer – Bengal Tiger is the most popular animal in our country. It is also known as a national animal because it has all the abilities like strength, power, mentality etc., which pride it to earn India’s national animal.

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