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‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society.’ discuss.

‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society.’ discuss.


Adverts often resort to provocation to achieve maximum impact. graphic, violent or sexual images are virtually synonymous with the infamous Benetton campaigns: suggestive adverts with scantily-clad models promote cars or perfume, whilst the wording of some otherwise innocuous adverts can often in itself be provocative from a religious, racial or sexual point of view. however, this may be a move to impose restrictions on the majority of such adverts would be wrong and actually oppose the tenets of civilized society.

Civilized society implies the co-existence of people from all works of life in a tolerant environment. tolerance and co-existence extend to freedom of speech. members of a civilized society should defend the right to express their opinion, even if it does offend. similarly, adverts have the right to be provocative in a society that calls itself civilized. obviously, if ideas expressed are too extreme and break a universal taboo, then censorship should be enforced. films are censored in this way, so extreme adverts could be liable to similar censorship.

Another reason why provocative adverts have a place in civilized society is that of the very definition of the term ‘provocative’ is highly subjective. what is deemed highly offensive to one individual is amusing to another. in civilized societies where there is a melting pot of different faiths and backgrounds. individuals will frequently be exposed to adverts that will provoke a range of reactions from indifference to the extreme grievance. however, it would be nonsensical for any individual to object to offensive images or adverts since this is the price one pays for living in civilized society and accepting its mores.

Finally, some adverts which deliberately set out to shock do so for reasons other than pure sensationalism and to attract attention and promote sales. adverts promoting health and safety are prime examples. whether displaying advanced lung disease in a bid to reduce smoking or victims of a car crash in order to promote safety-belt wearing. these adverts have a valid reason to shock. it is for the good of society that such adverts exist and the removal of such provocative adverts would be folly.

Provocative adverts, therefore, will always have a place in society so long as it is indeed a civilized one. curbing the content of such provocative adverts, assuming there was concurrence on what is actually classed as provocative would sound the death knell for freedom of speech and civilization, in addition to rendering shocking health warnings insipid and therefore ineffective.

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‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society.’ discuss. ‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society.’ discuss. ‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society.’ discuss.

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