Recent Happy Event IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

Recent happy event IELTS speaking part 2 cue card with answer or Talk about a marriage/wedding you have attended. Or Talk about a Family Event/ function Or Talk about a memorable event. Or Talk about a situation when you were excited/ happy.  You should say:

  • Which was it?
  • When did you attend it?
  • How was it memorable?

Well, marriage 🤵👰 is an integral part of every culture. Marriage is the most important family function. I have attended a few marriages in my life. However, here I would like to talk about the marriage of one of my best friends, Rahul. It took place in December in Delhi, last year.

What Happened? This was a marriage to remember for lots of reasons. It was organized in a famous marriage palace 🏰 of South Delhi. The marriage palace was shining like a pearl 💎 in the lighting.

We reached there at about 9 PM in the night and were greeted by the bride’s family 👪. I enjoyed very much with my friends 👫. We tasted a variety of snacks and dishes there 🍲 and also clicked some photos 📸 with the bride and the groom, who were looking stunning in their bridal outfits 👗🎩.


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We danced on the DJ floor 💃🕺. The excitement reached its peak when the bridegroom was forced to come onto the dance floor. They danced on some popular Punjabi and Bollywood tunes 🎶.

The whole scenario was indeed a treat to watch 👀. The best part of the marriage was that there was no show-off at all. All the ceremonies including ‘Jai Mala’ 💐 and ‘Saat Phere’ 🔥 were performed simply and gracefully.

Even the expenditure of the marriage palace and dinner was shared by both the families 💰. No dowry was taken, which was appreciated by each and everyone present in the marriage 👏.

Personally, it was an incredible experience for me. I’ll remember this marriage forever. Thanks 🙏.

Follow-up questions

  1. How can marriages be useful for an economy?
  2. What are the recent changes in the way marriages being held these days as compared to the past?
  3. If you are 35 without marriage, are you still waiting for your true love? Why?
  4. Who will pay for the wedding cost? Man or woman or both? Why?
  5. What do you think is the best age to marry?
  6. Do you think weddings in your country waste lots of money?
  7. Why use lots of money for weddings?
  8. In a traditional family in your country, what male do in the family? And what about a female? Why?
  9. Do you think a man should take care of a baby? Why?
  10. What kind of traditional wedding in your country?
  11. Do you think a man should do housework? Why?

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