Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Books

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Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Books. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Books

Question 1:- How often do you read?

Answer 1:- Definitely, yes, Indeed, I consider myself a bibliophile person. Once or twice I prefer to read books because of their various benefits.

Answer 2:- Only sometimes. To be honest my busy time, I am not reading. But I get a chance, and I read some e-newspaper.

Question 2:- Do you have many books at home?

Answer 1:- As I mentioned earlier, I am an avid reader. Due to this, I have a plethora of books in my abode because it is a stress-buster activity for me.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t have many books at my home. I like to read online.

Question 3:- Do Indian people do enough reading?

Answer 1:- Definitely, the majority of individuals in my nation love to read books in their leisure time in order to improve their cognitive development. Moreover, it is fruitful for them rather than spending recklessly on unwanted things such as social media.

Answer 2:- Yes, in my nation, people read newspapers, magazines, biography etc.

Question 4:- What kind of people like reading and what kind of people don’t like reading very much?

Answer 1:- well, most of the youngsters in my nation love to read books for their academic purposes while senior citizens, due to their eyesight trouble, cannot heed a word.

Answer 2:- Well in my nation most older and retired people like to read However working and younger don’t like to read the book.

Question 5:- What type of books do children read nowadays?

Answer 1:- There are ample books which are read these days individually, like comic books, for entertainment purposes.

Answer 2:- At the present time, most children like comic books and some fiction books.

Question 6:- Do you think children have lost their interest in stories?

Answer 1:- Definitely not; I deem that toddler loves to listen to the story for their near and dear ones because when they listen to the story, it also enhances their imagination skills, as well as a child feeling fresh as a daisy.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think they lost their interest in stories, instated they like to hear from their grandparents and read online.

Question 7:- Can storybooks be an ideal gift for children?

Answer 1:- well, according to my perspective, it is an optimistic present because of its convenience, and its price is also pocket-friendly that everyone can afford.

Answer 2:- This is an ideal gift for children. Otherwise, they spend their leisure time on the internet.

Question 8:-What can be done to encourage the habit of reading among children?

Answer 1:- To develop the habit of reading among youngsters, parents and authorities spread awareness and offer initiative to the children to read books and tell them their advantage.

Answer 2:- While learning together or motivating them.

Question 9:- How does reading help a child?

Answer 1:- There are a plethora of ways in which reading benefits the individual, such as it improves their mental ability; moreover, it also enhances their reading skills which are fruitful for them in their academy.

Answer 2:- There are so many ways to help them. First of all, improve In their language skill. Secondly, prepare for academic success. They can learn new words, vocab, etc.

Question 10:- How much should a child read every day?

Answer 1:- according to perspective, the child should read one story every day to enhance their reading habits; besides this, it is the optimum way to spend time.

Answer 2:- I think they should read daily for 1-2 hours, which is helpful.

Question 11:- What is the difference between the books sold in the past and the books sold nowadays?

Answer 1:- There are umpteen differences between books sold prior ten years back and now, such as religious books were sold while then in these days people give more preference to comic books for entertainment.

Answer 2:- There are significant differences between books sold in the past and now. In the past, book content focused on history, art and culture. However, nowadays, most books focus on bitcoin, biographic and science.

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