Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Hobbies and interests

Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Hobbies and interests. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Hobbies and interests

Question 1:- What do you do in your free time?

Answer – I love watching TV in my free time, especially crime movies and series. They keep me captivated and glued to my sofa all day, and I relax my muscles and enjoy a hot cup of tea with a pizza and a bowl of popcorn.

Question 2:- Do you enjoy reading?

Answer – I’m not a fan of reading, but I occasionally read the newspaper early in the morning. When I get to the office at 7 am to catch up on the latest news in my country, I might have missed the television the previous night.

Question 3:- Do you read or write stories or poems?

Answer – Come to think of it, and I once wrote a poem and a story for my daughter on Christmas day last year. I had to draft it and make it look like it came from Santa to make her happy. That was the first and last time I wrote a poem or read a story.

Question 4:- Do you play a musical instrument?

Answer – Well, I play the piano every Sunday in the youth church choir. It’s my way of connecting and appreciating God.

Question 5:- Would you like to learn to play a musical instrument?

Answer – Yes, I would love to play the saxophone. Once in a while, when my hubby takes me out for live band entertainment, I find it being played very often, and I love the beautiful and soothing sounds it produces that make me feel like getting up on my feet to dance to it.

Question 6:- What hobbies are popular in your country?

Answer – The most popular hobbies in my country are golfing and swimming. Nowadays, joining a golf club is much easier than before, as many people are getting accustomed to its popularity. Swimming lessons have been introduced to schools as a club, and most children enjoy swimming more often during the holidays, unlike before. The government has also introduced swimming competitions among the young and old as a favourite sport for exercise or recreational purposes.

Question 7:- Do you like computer games?

Answer – I occasionally play computer games only when I’m sleepy in the office and need to get active again and get back to work. It jump-starts my brain, and the tired feeling disappears.

Question 8:- Do you have any creative hobbies like painting, writing, or music?

Answer – I’m an article writer, and in my free time, I log in to a site called “The boss”, where I do articles and research for students abroad for pay. I’m not a painting fan, but I often listen to music at home while cleaning. I’m a fan of rock music because it gives me an adrenaline rush when I’m cleaning—just the thing I need to stay active.

Question 9:- Do you have any active hobbies like sports, hiking or dancing?

Answer – I love dancing, and I join my ” Casanovas ” group on Saturday mornings. It’s my way of working out and keeping fit while I enjoy myself with friends. Hiking is not my hobby, but I am okay with joining a group of friends to explore it for the first time.

Question 10:- Do you prefer to do your hobbies alone or with other people?

Answer – I prefer some hobbies alone, at the same time with friends. It solely depends on the same pursuit I’m doing. Hobbies such as dancing are much more enjoyable when done with friends than alone.

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