Role of Men and Women in Your Country IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

Role of men and women in your country ielts speaking cue card with answer 

It is relevant to remember that men and women are complementary to each other. It would be a different society if only both could lead a harmonious life. History tells us that throughout the Vedic period, women were given a place equal to men. However, with the passage of time, their position deteriorated, and their status declined.

Everyone is born male or female, so sex is biological and universal and cannot be changed. But every culture has its ways of valuing men and women and assigning them different roles, responsibilities, and attributes. This social-cultural differentiation is called gender 🚻. Gender roles vary among cultures and can change over time.

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Men are usually seen as the head of the household 🏠 and chief breadwinner 💼, and women are seen as the nurturer 👩‍🍼 and caregiver. Men do not usually perform domestic and household tasks 🚫🧹.

Now, the scenario is changing fast. Women have proved themselves both physically and intellectually equal to men 💪🧠. Kiran Majumdar is a successful entrepreneur of Biocon. Karin Bide is a high-ranking police officer 👮‍♀️, and Unitas Williams has been to space 🚀.

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This evolution reflects the dynamic nature of gender roles and highlights the achievements of women in various fields, underscoring the importance of equality and mutual respect in society.

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