Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information on The Internet and Study at Home

Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information on The Internet and Study at Home. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree with This Essay?

Sample 1 Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information on The Internet and Study at Home

In this technological world, each and everyone find out alternative ways in order to ease their life problems. Therefore, some argue that education centres are unimportant because pupils can learn and search for most information on the internet. Therefore, they do not need to go to school; they can study at home. I am afraid I have to disagree with the given notion and will elaborate on my viewpoint further.

To commence with, there are myriad reasons for my disagreement. First and foremost, they cannot gain experience, only study information. In other words, in schools, they can learn many other activities rather than education, such as many arts, singing, and dancing activities. Not only this, but they can also learn many important life lessons and manners along with discipline, which we cannot learn through the internet. Another reason is that at the house there is no strictness. They may misuse the internet. In-depth, they can access many other things on the internet, such as video games or movies which are not appropriate.

Furthermore, at learning home, we need to test the educational level of children. For example, there is no management like exams at home because they can easily access answers on the internet. Another important reason for my point is that not everyone can access the internet easily. For example, in a country like India, there is no free internet, as well as technical gadgets are also costly; consequently, poor people can not learn through the internet quickly.

However, some people believe that school is unnecessary because the first and foremost reason is that it brings the safety of children. Because there are many cases where the kidnapping of children happens. For example, in a country like Africa, four students were kidnapped while going to school; therefore, homeschooling is better in such cases. Another thing is that at home, children can learn on their own time, whether day or night, and they can access information at any time, anywhere on the internet. Nonetheless, from my point of view, the explanation I mentioned earlier is acceptable.

To conclude, by managing strong safety for children, we can overcome this problem. However, education for a student, like discipline, manners other activities, is more important, so the internet can not replace schools.

Sample 2 Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information on The Internet and Study at Home

There is no need to attend school as children can have almost all the information online; therefore, they can acquire knowledge at home. However, I am afraid I have to disagree with the earlier statement because I believe schools play a pivotal role in developing children’s character. In school, they not only get theoretical knowledge but learn other important lessons, which I will describe in the upcoming paragraphs.

In the 21st century, technological advancements made it possible to learn anything from residents with the help of the Internet. Moreover, everyone who can afford education has internet access. Hence, many believe children should study from home. This way, they can save many resources such as fuel and time as studying from home will omit to commute, so no fuel is used, and the time spent in commute can be used for something else such as spending more time with family members or learning something new. For instance, children who stay in the suburbs must spend more than an hour to reach school in the city.

Furthermore, not attending physical school can have many other advantages. Firstly, students can skip fixing timetables and can have flexibility. They can give more time to the subject in which they are weak. Secondly, the stress they feel in school because of competition with peers or related to attendance will not be there if they study from home by themself. Learning from the house will also provide them with the benefit of having freshly prepared breakfast and lunch, which is not possible if they attend a physical school because they have to eat packed lunches. Hence, many prefer to study from home.

Albeit, I am totally against this study of home concepts for children. Schools teach pupils many essential lessons, which groom them into better people. The most crucial thing which they learn from school is discipline. In life, discipline is the first key if anyone wants to succeed. Children will not understand the importance of making and following the g timetable in the home environment. Moreover, in school, they can meet new individuals and make friends. Through this, they learn the importance of helping and supporting each other, which will improve their academic skills. To cite an example, everyone’s expertise is different, and in school, a child with good maths can teach his friends maths, and he can learn drawing from his mates. This makes studying more fun. Hence, I emphasize the importance of sending children to school.

To conclude, nowadays, one can learn anything from the premises at home because of the Internet, so that schools can become optional. Nevertheless, the knowledge and experience which can be acquired from attending physical school will always retain the importance of attending the school. Therefore, schools should be mandatory.

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