Scientists Have Been Warning for Many Years About Environmental Protection and How Important It Is to Limit

Scientists have been warning for many years about environmental protection and how important it is to limit our personal energy consumption. What are the causes of the overconsumption of electricity? How can people be encouraged to use less energy?

In the world today, it is a generally acceptable warning from scientists about how crucial it is for people to reduce their rate of consuming energy and the importance of protecting our environment. This essay will discuss two reasons why people overconsume electricity before proposing a means of motivating people to consume less energy.

To start with, perhaps the foremost cause of the overconsumption of energy is the overuse of electrical appliances. This is because the basic electronic gadget owned by every home could easily be overused due to everyday contacts as well as their importance to our daily activities. For example, there was a report that a significant number of people living in southern African countries leave their air conditioners, TV and fans on when they are not at home, consequently increasing energy use. Another reason to consider is the use of faulty appliances. This means that washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers, for instance, will consume more electricity than normal when faulty. Hence, it is clear that the use of equipment in individual houses is responsible for the high use of electrical energy.

Moving on to the ways by which people can be encouraged to use less energy. There should be an increase in awareness of the effect that overconsumption of electrical energy has on the environment. This implies that the negative effect of overuse of this energy should be broadcasted on daily radio and TV programs as well as the use of newspapers, and it should be seen as a major problem. The effect illustrates this has on climate change increasing.

Global warming and the greenhouse effect. In addition, people should be advised on the construction of good houses. In explaining this, if a well-constructed insulated house is built, there will be an utter decline in the consumption level of energy. An example explaining this is seen in a well-ventilated apartment. This reduces using coolants such as air conditioners during the summer season. Therefore, it can be demonstrated that education and good planning could help appeal to less energy use by people.

In conclusion, this essay discussed the overuse of household appliances and the use of damaged equipment as the reason why people use too much electricity, as well as making people becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact overusing electricity could bring and the means of persuading people to use less energy. It is important to note that society, in general, will become a better place if energy consumption can be reduced.

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