Nowadays shopping has become a new favorite pastime for young people

Nowadays shopping has become a new favorite pastime for young people. What are the reasons for this? should they be encouraged to develop other hobbies?

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People’s approach toward hobbies is changing dramatically. At present, shopping as a hobby is becoming popular, especially in youngsters. Indeed, shopping outlet’s services and lucrative offers are playing a key to pursue shopping as a hobby. However, shopping as a hobby is supposed not only for needless shopping but also expected of waste of time of individuals.

Nowadays shopping has become a new favorite pastime for young peopleTo begin with, there are numerous reasons why people are choosing shopping as a leisure activity. Firstly, nowadays shopping malls offer various services which are attracting people enormously. Facilities like children’s play section, café, and restaurants can be used for recreational activities. For instance, a recent report reveals that the majority of youngsters are more likely to acquire shopping as a leisure activity because of stores and shopping outlets are providing myriad services where they can easily spend their time. Secondly, commercial and in-person shopping are offering lucrative discounts all over the year; therefore, in order to acquire these products at low prices, people always observe these sites and stores. Consequently, they develop shopping as a hobby by engaging lots of time in this approach.

Nevertheless, shopping is becoming an enriching hobby for many individuals; it is also increasing the needless shopping. It is generally true that frequent visit at shopping stores can compel people to buy things which are not in use for them in general. Unnecessary shopping affects people’s income, but companies are benefitted with this activity. Apart from that, many people experienced shopping as a hobby is a waste of time because they considered that without purchasing any single item from shops by regular visiting can lead to time consuming activity. Furthermore, as shopping hobby does not play an active role in the development of human beings as other activity such as reading books that increases the knowledge of people, thus other hobbies should be promoted.

To sum up, hobbies vary from time to time and nowadays shopping is gaining vast popularity. People especially youngster choose shopping as a hobby because of various reasons such store’s services and attractive deals. However, it is considered that shopping as a hobby has not positive outcomes as compared to other activities so people should be encouraged to pursue other hobbies instead of shopping.

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New generation people do shopping as a part of the enjoyment. Nowadays various easy accessible methods are there for shopping. Young people have a lot of reason for doing the shopping for their free time, but they should encourage their other hobbies.

Online shopingYouth are fascinated to do the shopping because they are attracted by online shopping sites and also by the ads of the products. The people can buy things within their workplace or in their home so that they all are more attracted to do the shopping increasingly during their leisure time Even though younger people spend more time and money on buying goods because shopping is in their fingertips. They are likely to follow new trends, because of that also they hangout for shopping more. For example, the Amazon online shopping site is more prevalent among younger people. The reason for that was these group of people are more use these sites.

Meanwhile, the youth should develop some hobbies to spare their valuable free time, to waste more time and money for buying things. If they allow doing some hobbies means it help them to live more creative and active in their lifetime, where they can save money and time. For example, the younger girls can make their trendy jewelry with low coast products, it makes them more active, and they also can earn money from this.

In conclusion, younger people should reduce their habits of shoping for unwanted things while they get free time. It is better to do some hobbies rather than shopping, because it may help people live more energetic.

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It considered that the gist of this question is a big, disputable, and debatable issue in the contemporary world at the moment. There are some postulated relevant causes for this kind of problem. Therefore, I could propound and expound on this topic to prove my sources.

One of the main reason is that secure shoping. To be more precise buying goods become simple in fingertip tap further, adolescents are most concerned about passion and trend style they don’t bother about design, worthy and useable they concentrate on only buying the product

Secondly, goods in online shoping are cheaper; most of teenagers attract less cost and brand value. furthermore, to show their status in this modern world to usually updated their products with buying products at less price compared to the market price

Thirdly,some teenagers most spent their past time due to unemployment they don’t have any work to do they usually attract to teams and waste their money and time I opine that younger generation should do more concentration on physical and mental exercises and Rome for product which you want this can develop some information of the product and also helps as daily exercise

To sum up, it is obvious that the aforementioned points have vindicated my stand beyond any doubt.nevertheless it is challenging to describe all pertinent factors for this topic in this short essay

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In this modern era, shoping has an integral part of each and everyone’s life. Youngsters are more attracted than older people. and it has almost become their favorite hobby While there are many reasons behind their trend.

Nowadays shopping has become a new favorite pastime for young people hobbiesSuch as to show their peer ones that they got a lot of money and power. Some people argue that they should spend their time wisely n other useful activities.
I agree that because time is the most precious thing in our world

Othe one hand, spending power is one of the main reason for this addition to shoping in our society. Compared to the past there are many job opportunities most of them are ready to pay fat checks but nowadays our young people have plenty of disposable income they dont know how to spend that.

On the other hand, they are quickly getting influence from their peers who might be doing window shoping almost every week without any reason, For instance, the recent survey conducted by Amazon on a business mall in Mumbai City includes those younger people who had just started their career.

To conclude, instead of spending time in the shoping mall, encourage the youngsters to spend their precious time wisely on activities, which would help to lead a more comfortable and healthy life.

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  2. With the modrenisation and advancement of science and technology hobbies of young generation have been changed. Now young generation spend a lot 0f time in searching and purchasing things of their intrest. Rather they selecting other useful activities as hobby they spend a lot of tiem and money which is not good for them in long terms they should be encouraged to do other activities to spend good time.
    Young generation prefer to adopt them selves according to their sournding there are number of factors that develop their intrest in shopping as their leisue activities. First and most important youngsters use social sites where they get attracted by various things that other people use for example boys are very interested in electronic gadgets and motorbikes . similar cosmetic products are attraction for girls. Advertisement on television also insoire them to get that thing for them. Secondly now shopping malls are very facilitated and have cafes , salons , resturants also brands offer discount around the year which is major reason of their attention. Now youngsters are more interested to show off their money so thet buy best brands to creat impression.
    Excess of everything is bad spending to much money on shopping can cause problem for them in future they will not save money for themselves . to fulfil their desire they may use some illegal ways to collect money for shopping. This will develop infreorty complex in children of their age.
    I my opnion young generation should be motivated to toward activities that help them to learn and express themselves. Like playing music , painting something writing poetry etc. physical activities are also important so playing games also help to maintain their body and develop patience in them as well.
    I conclude my essay with the view that young people should be encouraged to adopt healthy activities for their body and mind . pastime activity should be meaningful and fun as well.

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