Smoking Can Cause Serious Illnesses and Should Be Made Illegal. Writing Task 2

Smoking can cause serious illnesses and should be made illegal. To what extent do you agree?

In this contemporary epoch, people are getting indulged in copious pessimistic habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and intake drugs. It is an irrefutable fact that smoking is one of the worst actions which is practised by mankind for centuries though it is hazardous and must be forbidden officially. Personally, I vehemently accord with the given assertion, and I will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Analyzing the given statement and elaborating further, there are multiple perilous issues involved when an individual smokes. For an amateur, the health problems commence with cough and minor throat infections. If it is habitual and relentless for years, then it substantially infects the lungs and leads to carcinogenic diseases. It becomes critical gradually and may have to undergo surgeries, and the overall treatments cost millions or might lead to death. Not only chain smokers but also passive smokers are massively impacted. To exemplify, if one person in a family smokes occasionally, then other family members are likely to get affected and deteriorate their physical well-being. Therefore, it is pivotal that all citizens must abstain from indulging in smoking.

Probing ahead with the precautionary measures, the government must impose strict rules and make it a punishable offence if a person smokes. Moreover, it should establish laws to completely ban the manufacturing of cigars, and people who are employed in the cigar business can be provided with other occupations. Furthermore, there are a few states in India where it is entirely prohibited, and it has been made illegal. To cite an instance, Gujarat, Nagaland, and Lakshadweep governments have banned smoking in their respective regions for the well-being of dwellers. In addition, the local authorities should run campaigns and raise awareness programs to the public by explaining the detrimental effects of smoking cigarettes. Thus manufacturing cigars and cigarettes must be prohibited by the government for the benefit of mankind.

Taking everything into consideration, there are numerous consequences involved due to smoking which is harmful to the human population, and hence, it must be forbidden illegally throughout the world.

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