Some Believe that Nuclear Weapons Benefit the World at Large

Some believe that nuclear weapons benefit the world at large. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Some Believe that Nuclear Weapons Benefit the World at Large

We live in a world where superpower countries like the United States of America, Russia, and China chase each other to reign the world economy or demonstrate their supremacy. As a result, they are strengthening their arsenal with nuclear ammunition to compete with their rivals. Some think this unhygienic competition for nuclear weapons would benefit the world. Despite this fact, I strongly disagree with the statement, and the essay will discuss why.

There are several reasons why nuclear artillery cannot assure world peace. Firstly, nuclear ammunition is a threat to world peace. A few countries own these deadly weapons, which is an alarming issue for a country not having these lethal weapons. As a result, conflict and clash might never be resolved. In the present world, countries like North Korea are often seen testing their ballistic missile to frighten their opponent, which is a breach of international humanitarian laws. The world already saw the devastating consequences of atomic bombs falling on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Secondly, an accident at any nuclear site would be very vulnerable for the world. The world also saw the accident of the Chornobyl nuclear tragedy, which suffered people over the decade. Therefore, it is very explicit that weapons like nuclear or atomic bombs cannot be beneficial for the world. It is unprecedented.

Although nuclear energy has a few efficacies, it never outweighs the dark sides. For example, nuclear power plants can provide vast amounts of electricity at the least cost, which helps people to use electricity at a cheaper rate. Moreover, nuclear energy might be used in research work for educational purposes. It might also be used in mine work to explode underground to facilitate mine construction work. It is also used in gold mines. Despite having some advantages, the world has not so far experienced worse consequences than any kind of good thing.


In conclusion, weapons or war cannot guarantee peace. It is unprecedented. Instead, brotherhood and love for humanity might only give us a peaceful and loving world.

Sample 2 Some Believe that Nuclear Weapons Benefit the World at Large

Many countries, by large, are in the race to produce nuclear weapons, which they perceive are helpful, but I disagree with this notion, and in the following essay, I will give my reasons why I believe so.

To begin with the quote India’s father the nation, Mr M K Gandhi, “Eye for an Eye will make the whole world blind.” In short, what he meant was revenge, and war is not the solution to any conflict between any nations.

In order to defend their nations and save the borders, all countries have their defence, and everyone has this right which is obvious and justified. But of late, especially in the last decade. Some countries have entered the race to develop nuclear weapons which are capable of mass destruction of human and animal life. It is not only wealthy nations like the United States of America or the United Kingdom but even Asian third-world countries like Pakistan and North Korea. This poses a threat to neighbouring countries and continents. To produce and preserve such hazardous weapons, one needs strong infrastructure and strict policies, which I perceive are lacking. Eventually, if such equipment lands in nuisance, people’s hands might lead to threat and tragedy, which is Irreversible loss of humans and property.

The other theory is that countries capable of nuclear weapons are likely to bully neighbouring nations due to their superpower capacity. Unfortunately, underdeveloped nations will then join hands with other superpowers. In turn, this leads to further divisions and conflicts.

Nuclear energy has benefited humans in creating energy but not weapons. We have to make every effort leave in peace, but possessing harmful nuclear weapons will never support such goals.

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