Some Claim That Studying Abroad Has Great Benefits

Some claim that studying abroad has great benefits for a student’s home country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Getting an education in foreign universities is now gaining ground. Many students prefer to study abroad either for completing their territory education or doing diplomas. In my perspective, I completely disagree that if students go overseas for studying in return, they bring a lot of benefits. One drawback of this movement is brain drain, and another is alienation from their culture.

First and foremost, students seek their greener posture overseas, so they get allure by seeing the benefits of getting an education abroad. For the same purpose, they migrate to alien countries. I think this trend leads to brain drain. To elaborate, even though having been literate and positioning at the right job, pupils tend to move overseas for doing further study to have a higher living standard. They do owe to getting ample opportunities in the sector of education. Besides, high rank and millions of dollars fascinate them to leave their country and get education in foreign countries. Thus this movement of learners makes their own country handicapped as their own native land get deprived of services that these learners can render after completing their whole education in their motherland. For instance, students who live in developing countries shift more overseas. Although they have essential skills or good aptitude, still they prefer alien countries. Despite having been grown-up, educated in their own country, when there is time to pay the debt, they choose to serve foreign countries.

Furthermore, pupils spend money for many years to obtain a degree in their respective fields. Thus, they assimilate into western culture and gradually forget their own culture. They fully comprehend the maxim- when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So they engross themselves in western rituals, and they get disconnected from their roots. It is a huge culture loss. For instance, now most pupils think to live abroad even at the cost of losing their culture and embracing the western one. They feel humiliated in wearing traditional clothes and speaking their mother tongue with those from the same motherland. Thus, the cultural loss is a big disadvantage for the home country.

In conclusion, Although the movement of studying overseas is beneficial for the students as well as the host country; but, it has great disadvantages for the home country as learners get alienated from the roots of their nation and in later periods of their life, they provide valuable services to the host country, and they do nothing valuable for their motherland. Moreover, their own country does not get the services of their countrymen.

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  1. Sanya Singh

    Right, there are lots of benefits of doing study outside or abroad. It helps to gain more professional success. Also there are a lot of challenges that people facing during study in other countries. But solutions are also there, thanks for sharing this info. Subscribed your blog.

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