Some Companies Sponsor Sports and Sports Stars to Promote Themselves Some Believe

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Some Companies Sponsor Sports And Sports Stars To Promote themselves Some Believe it is Good While others Believe it Has Disadvantages? Both Views And Opinions

Sample 1 Some Companies Sponsor Sports and Sports Stars to Promote Themselves Some Believe

It is seen that some companies provide financial assistance to sports and sports athletes in order to gain commercial popularity. It has been considered both advantageous and disadvantageous. In my perspective, it might destroy the reputation of some games and players due to the lack of rigid rules. Otherwise, sponsorship is a great boon for players who are unable to bear the expenses of kit, travel and accommodation.

By looking at its merits, it is good to support athletes. Sometimes, it is challenging for them to pay for training and arrange their accommodation. Because it is an expensive affair, a few good players lag behind and stop playing in the Olympics or World Cup. Therefore, it is a boon for them. If players are getting mandatory help, the companies, which promote them, will also become popular. For instance, the Red Bull energy drink is one of the favourite drinks of youngsters. Since the sports players have advertised it, its sales are still increasing.

After analysing its positive aspects, its downside cannot be overlooked. Firstly, sponsorship kills the players’ enthusiasm and makes them pressurised more. To elaborate, companies force them to focus on victory in a match. Resultantly, sports persons do not feel liberated to play the game. Thus, they do not have enough zeal for the game, which sometimes becomes a cause of their failure. Moreover, the chances of match-fixing are higher, making any potential player lose the game. The classical epitome of it can be seen in the past history of cricket. Ajay Jadeja, an ex-sports player, did it, and even today, people have not forgotten that incident. In addition, for the sake of earning more profit, these individuals are told to advertise the brand of their company, and people blindly follow them and develop unhealthy habits such as consuming fast food, drinking energy drinks: Coca-Cola, Thums up as well as spending money lavishly on shopping to buy clothes or footwear.

To conclude, it is apparent that financial help from a few companies can be beneficial for players by giving them a chance to play inland or overseas. However, indirectly escalates bad reputation due to advertisements by athletes on fast food and energy drinks.

Sample 2 Some Companies Sponsor Sports and Sports Stars to Promote Themselves Some Believe

It is believed that some big brands are funding sports teams or events intending to get publicity for themselves. Although some companies consider it as the right practice, similar to any other promotional materials, others seem to argue that it has drawbacks too. I believe the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Nowadays, we know the craze around the various sports and Olympic events among nations of all age groups. Often, we root for our favourite teams and try to tease the opposite team’s fan club. We leave our work and duties, go to the places where the live screening takes place, or even spend so much on stadium tickets. This is how people have been going crazy over sports in recent times. These big brands know about the heavy presence of the audience at sports events taking advantage of this craze in order to increase their visibility and sales. They give a huge price to put up the banners and posters in the event venue and also the advertisement which comes in every break, also pays heavily for this. If there were millions of viewers, out of it there would be 1/4th of them would actually think of buying the product. Hence, it makes a good profit overall. For instance, red bulls or energy drinks posters are put up everywhere around the sports venue, and even the cameraman zooms in to show the particular poster as an advertisement.

Consequently, the sports celebrities like Virat Kohli and M.S Dhoni have fans all over the globe. They are worldwide recognised, and they inspire so many youths who are ready to follow in the footsteps of their idols. These huge brands like Nike, Adidas, and even the local brands make these sportspersons their brand ambassador and take them in the advertisement in order to increase the marketing value of the products. For example, Virat Kohli became an official brand ambassador of Uber India, so even this app’s service increased significantly after most of the viewers watching Virat Kohli supported the Uber services. Even some of the brands supply shoes or jackets to the sports star to wear on the match day, and they have their logo names either behind the T-shirt or at the corner.

In conclusion, whether funding sports as a way to create publicity for themselves is right or not, it does contribute to the sports event’s success. However, it is worth sharing the opinion that sponsors are almost always necessary to allow many sports clubs and teams to stay on the market.

Sample 3 Some Companies Sponsor Sports and Sports Stars to Promote Themselves Some Believe

It is irrefutable that enterprises fund teams or clubs to get publicity. Although this phenomenon has several merits, the demerits can not be overlooked behind it, which this essay intends to discuss in detail before reaching a logical conclusion.

Commenting, there are various causes that why people deem that why companies sponsor sports and sports stars. The apparent reason is that it enhances their firm sales. To elaborate, they are more likely to get publicity from sports events if they are funded to organise sports games. Therefore, sales of organisations would be escalated, which may prove beneficial for them. To cite an example, Upstox company have given plenty of money to organise the T20 world cup 2022 and made the company name in front of the public. In addition to this, sports stars get a lot of money. When any firm sponsors well-known sports personalities, they provide chunks of money to them. In this way, they can utilise this money to keep more healthy or wealthy. As a result, they may make the standard better in sports.

Despite the positives, the negative of this trend can not be neglected. First and foremost is that some companies may create a bad image of sports due to the alliance of sponsors. For example, if fast food companies sponsor sports, people can surmise there is a link between watching sports and obesity in children. Owing to this, they can eat fast food, which would be proved deleterious for them. Furthermore, people can become materialistic. This is because when they see their favourite sports star selling any product, they would be definitely bought that product a lot. Hence, waste material might be increased at home, which can prove hazardous for the environment and individual’s health.

In conclusion, although sponsoring games and renowned sports personalities has numerous benefits, the distances behind them can not be overlooked.

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