Some Countries Have Legal Ages at Which People Can Drink

Some countries have legal ages at which people can drink. Other countries believe not having strict laws is a better policy. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Drinking alcohol is escalating at an alarming rate these days, owing to which it is generally argued whether to have a legal age for drinking or not. Both views are discussed in the upcoming paragraph, along with my perspective.

On the one hand, there are a plethora of reasons why having a legal age for drinking is beneficial. The first and foremost reason is that excessive consumption of alcohol, the individual can lead to road accidents and may cause people to lose their life. Besides this, provided that the country has legal age to drink, it is a justified boon for them as nowadays immature guys drink due to lack of its demerits; however, if authorities prohibit beer consumption for youngsters, then it is fruitful for the nation’s development. Take Canada as an epitome, which showed there is a ban on the consumption of alcohol for those under 18 as the administration takes strict legal action towards it. Consequently, it is constructive development and drastically improves mankind’s life.

On the other hand, few masses opine that not having a legal age for drinking alcohol because it acts as a medicine for either stress or depression. This is because, in this contemporary era, due to the hectic schedule, the majority of the population becomes a victim of anxiety; therefore, drinking alcohol is treated as a medicine for them in order to remove all the stress. In addition, as it also reduces the chance of not solely heart attack but also diabetes due to this, it is advantageous for their holistic development. For instance, in Brazil, there is no restriction on the intake of alcohol since it is treated as a remedy for stress remover. As a result, it is beneficial for them.

Having concluded, although having no legal age is beneficial for drinking as it is the medicine of stress, it has a detrimental impact on teenagers as these days, young ones drink an excessive amount of beer and drive, which is injurious for them. Hence, if the nation has legal drinking age, it benefits them.

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