Some Feel that Governments Should Prioritize Healthcare

Some feel that governments should prioritize healthcare instead of other important areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1: Some Feel that Governments Should Prioritize Healthcare

There is no doubt that health care is a crucial part of a country’s development and well-being because the medical sector provides funds to the authorities, who use these funds to develop infrastructure. There has been debate about whether the government should spend more money in the medical sector than in other areas. It is crystal clear that preventive medicine is of the utmost importance; nevertheless, I partially agree with the statement. I believe that every sector needs to get balanced investment because every area plays an important role in a country’s development.

On the one hand, medical management development plays a crucial role in public well-being. In addition, investing more money in this field helps to improve people’s mental and physical strength, and individuals are important for every country because, without them, a nation is nothing, so if they are not healthy, it affects the nation’s economy. For instance, in recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many country’s economies went down because many individuals were affected by the coronavirus.

On the other hand, despite the health protection system having too much influence, the authority should not turn a blind eye to other sectors. Education, for example, is probably as important as medicine. Because, without knowledge, no one can become a doctor, surgeon, or nurse. Furthermore, investment in scientific areas can lead to breakthroughs in other fields, including medicine, technology, and the environment. For example, the schooling system in Switzerland led to their economy reaching another level and becoming the most successful economy in the world.

To conclude, from my perspective, investing more money in the medical sector can improve a particular nation’s economy and benefit individuals who live there; however, there is a need to be balanced in investing in every sector because every sector plays its own role.

Sample 2: Some Feel that Governments Should Prioritize Healthcare

It is argued that the state must give preference to healthcare rather than other essential areas. I completely agree with it. If people are healthy, then it can save a big budget for a government that it spends on the treatment of people. In addition, manpower is a real asset for a nation.

At the outset, paying attention to the medicinal areas can help a government to save a large proportion of its income. To elaborate, when the vast majority of people get sick, they go for public treatment. In this way, a state utilizes its funds for the public to make them healthy by providing them with free medicines and meals as well as a room with an air conditioner and other amenities in a hospital. Thus, a government has to bear huge expenses. Therefore, healthy people will fall sick less, and any government can save a lot. S, the healthcare area is sought more often than any other area.

Besides, individuals are the true capital of any nation. To explain it, any nation earns a lot through manpower. People pay taxes to the government. So, as many people are involved in any occupation, it increases a nation’s economy. Therefore, a country is rich in the true absence of diseases. Here, it becomes necessary for a government to make its people healthy by paying more attention to hospitals.

To conclude, it is clear that health services are more important than laser facilities. If the government spends a lot on hospitals, people can stay healthy, and they will fall sick less, reducing the financial burden of the government. In addition, human beings are the real wealth of a nation. If they do not have medical issues, they can take fewer leaves and improve productivity. Which is good for a company’s profit.

Sample 3: Some Feel that Governments Should Prioritize Healthcare

It is argued that healthcare facilities should be a first priority to a state than any other area. I agree with the assertion that a healthy body leads to a healthy life, and a healthy community helps to develop a country.

To begin with, it can be seen that many people suffer from many health issues because of the lack of medical facilities. For instance, research conducted by some experts in Africa revealed that a considerable number of people die every day just. Because they do not get a capsule, and most children and older people are victims. Governments, therefore, should have the first prioritization towards improving healthcare facilities. In addition, if a person gets healthy, then only they can think about other aspects of life.

Moreover, being a healthy person will create a healthy community, which helps in the development of the country. To clarify, in Japan, people get free and improvised medical facilities and treatments. It has resulted in a healthy population as most people from youth to old are employed. As a result, the government is developing great revenue. Thus, having a healthy population automatically ensures the country’s development.

To conclude, health must be a top priority for individuals and nations. The state should understand that improved health care will also help in other parts because health is a wealth. Health should not be taken as simply as other things, as it is a very delicate part of one’s life. Thus, the government should be cautious about its people’s well-being and must ensure it provides qualitative healthcare services.

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