Some People Believe More Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Crime

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Some people believe more actions can be taken to prevent crime, while others think that little can be done. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Believe More Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Crime

The crime rate is increasing exponentially day by day. Some argue that efforts need to be increased to prevent this, while others believe fewer efforts are exemplary. I agree with the latter individuals’ opinion that less but more effective efforts should be taken to reduce crime. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss both views along with my opinion.

Nowadays, newspapers are filled with news of crimes such as robbery, murder, rape and many more. So, many individuals feel threatened by this situation, and they think that the only way to overcome this issue is to take more actions to deter the offenders. For instance, the government should hire more police force, and patrol in the high crime rate areas must be 24X7. They believe that if more precise actions are taken against criminals, they only get petrified, which will ultimately reduce crime.

On the other hand, people who argue that more actions will not be effective against offenders believe that no amount of police force or captive punishment will reduce the crime rate. The reason for this is that people involved in criminal activity have a typical personality that, under the influence of rage and many other factors, will definitely commit a crime. To illustrate, in many cases, people with police protection still got killed in the past. Hence, such individuals believe that there is no point in increasing efforts to prevent crime.

I believe that increased efforts in terms of more police force or patrolling would not be as effective as a little bit more mindful approach to criminals, such as advanced technologies that help in warning people and police before the crime takes place. To defeat criminals, our system has to think one step ahead of them. For example, we can design software or technology that sends signals to the police when someone is in a dangerous situation. To elaborate more, a device with a chip gets activated when someone deliberately tries to harass women. This chip alerts nearby police stations so that they can take immediate action and save the victim.

To conclude, it is essential to control crime, but there are better solutions than higher efforts. The best plausible solution to limit crime is to think about something more compelling with little effort.

Sample 2 Some People Believe More Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Crime

Due to increasing crime, people have different perspectives. Some believe that to neutralize illegal actions, and there are various actions such as the death penalty, jail Or heavy fines. However, others consider that nothing can be done to stop it. Taking stringent measures can control crime, but that must see the severity of the crime.

The first school of thought consider that actions like life imprisonment or ostracizing from a community can stop criminal activities. Criminals will think twice before committing a crime. To elaborate, in jail, they will feel isolated and remember the time they had with their family members in the past. Besides, if they are interviewed, they will suggest to others to keep themselves away from committing a crime. Thus offence can be stopped from escalating. For instance, the number of rape cases has been reduced after the strict punishment or encounters of the culprits. In addition, a new law which empowers the victim to kill a person to defend themselves will deter the people from asking for ransom or murdering any person.

On the other hand, the masses consider that nothing can be done to control it. Firstly strict rules are there, but these are not used effectively. For example, child labour is strictly banned, but still, children can be seen working in hotels or at home. If the offenders are caught, they get free after bribing the palm of the officers. Even today, there are a number of cases of above- mentioned cases, which are escalating at an alarming rate. Secondly, the delay in getting justice is another reason. The sufferers know well that they will not get justice and will wait for ages, even when they are on their last legs. Resultantly, the guilty dare more to do such abominable tasks. Either they try to compensate the other party, or they try to threaten others. Thus nothing happens.

The culprit must be punished by seeing the severity of the case. If justice is given in time, it will build people’s faith in law and order and frighten the offenders about the crime’s repercussions.

To conclude, it is apparent that lifetime captivity or capital punishment can prevent criminals from committing illegal activities. Apart from it, justice on time and establishing law and order strictly, regardless of any pressure, can build the people’s trust in a democracy. Eventually, the crime rate will reduce.

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1 thought on “Some People Believe More Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Crime”

  1. Anish Sodari

    Some people believe more actions can be taken to prevent crime, while others think that little can be done. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

    In the present era, there are huge numbers of crime which is increasing day by day. some argue that strict actions should be given to them while others argue little punishment can be done to decrease the crime rate. This essay will discuss both these points of view and argue in favor of the latter.

    On the one hand, due to the rule of hard punishment, people will fear committing crimes again in the future. In other words, if the government takes more action against crime, we can see the result of success which leads to the perishing of crimes. Moreover, many criminals will suffer from past which they have done wrong although country will slowly free from criminals. For example, if one student doesn’t do a homework and teacher give to a punishment, from that day all the students will affraid from action but they will do all task given by teacher.

    on the other hand,due to the extreme action, it can lead to criminals mental or physical problems. As a result, people can commit suicide which is dangerous for nation and their family.consequently,little actions can make evil perosn to good person . Hence, giving little action to their crime opens their eyes to being a good person.
    In my opinion, criminals often commit crimes whether it is a tiny or huge crimes. there should be different actions according to their crime.
    In conclusion, extreme actions could discourage crime.however, I believe that there are different types of people in the world who can understand not to crimes when they get little action.

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