Some People Believe that Increasing Business and Cultural Contacts

Some people believe that increasing business and cultural contacts between different countries have positive development, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In this era of globalization, nations have become interdependent where trade and culture are not restricting within a country’s border, and this is considered a welcoming aspect by many. However, some individuals are worried that this trend is likely to dilute the nation’s identities. I will explicate both sides of the arguments in this disquisition before presenting my certitude to the former perspective.

To commence with, the positive outcomes related to international trade and cross-cultural exchange are immense, and the most notable is the global surge in economic growth. What this means, with increased business contacts among various nations, more employment opportunities have emerged in various sectors such as technology, tourism, and education, which paved the way to strengthen the economies across the globe. A good example for illustration is that the advent of multinational organizations in India has provided livelihood to innumerable college graduates over the last few decades, which has proven to be a boon for the country’s growth. Hence, the meritorious side of global trade cannot be underestimated.

Nevertheless, those who are against globalization express their support on valid grounds. The rise in global business and cultural interchange is often linked with the gradual fading of national’s identities. To put it simply, modern-day people are keen on understanding foreign cultures and adapting them to the point of altering their lifestyles. The best example to explain this is the massive influence of western culture on eastern nations. Traditional attires are on the verge of disappearance and are now merely a piece of clothing to wear only on certain occasions. For these reasons, the cross-cultural impact is likely to be linked with few setbacks.


To sum up, I pen down stating that, although globalization has its own share of drawbacks, it is largely a beneficial phenomenon for the global nations, which are benefited immensely on account of massive economic gains.

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